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It has been said that only 15% of all addicts will seek help. That means that millions of people will eventually die in addiction never seeking help. Intervention could be the answer.

We’ve all heard that addicts “have to want” sobriety. But if that person is close to you it is hard to sit and wait till they’re ready. Intervention is a planned, structured process that steers the non-compliant prospective patient towards help and treatment. A trained professional with the help of friends and family facilitate the whole process. The interventionist then works out arrangements for admission to a facility and can accompany them to the treatment center.

Cumberland Heights works with a number of interventionists. For help in finding an interventionist, contact Butch Glover 731-499-2656 or email 

Volunteer Information

If you would like to become a volunteer for cumberland heights, please send an email to explaining why you’d like to volunteer with us.