Nearly fifty years ago, chemical dependency was widely believed to be a moral weakness. This belief created a social stigma that prevented millions from reaching out for help. Today we understand that addiction is not caused by moral weakness or a lack of personal character – it is a medical disease over which the addict has no control. As with other diseases, without help the outcome is often tragic.

Fortunately, there is help. Since we opened our doors nearly fifty years ago, Cumberland Heights has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and their families – more than 1,500 new patients last year alone. Nearly five decades of experience has taught us that recovery is not only possible, it’s a path that no one has to walk alone.

Our Mission

To transform lives, giving hope and healing to those affected by alcohol or drug addiction.

Core Values

Our Core Values Honor Our History and Traditions by:

  • Always putting the patient first
  • Providing the highest quality care throughout our continuum of services
  • Recognizing the principles embodied in the 12 Steps as the essential foundation of lasting recovery
  • Providing a physical and therapeutic environment conducive to the transforming power of a spiritual awakening
  • Valuing the importance of family participation in the recovery process
  • Remaining grateful for those who support our mission and share our passion for recovery
  • Demonstrating the same care and respect for our employees they show for our patients