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Family Services & Children's Program

When a member of the family suffers from addiction the whole family is affected. It's impossible to care about an alcoholic or chemically dependent loved one without experiencing emotional pain. Recovery offers many positive benefits for the family.  At Cumberland Heights we encourage family members to actively participate in the treatment process and begin to establish their own recovery.

Many times a family's involvement begins before the patient is admitted. Family members provide valuable information to our staff, including how addiction has impacted both the patient and the family. Their input significantly shapes treatment. With the family's help we are able to develop a personalized treatment plan that respects the needs and desires of the entire family. 

Attend Family Week 

Around the third week of treatment, family members are invited to take part in Family Week. The Family Week is a four day program that meets Monday through Thursday most weeks.Your family counselor will provide more details. For First Step participants, in lieu of Family Week, there is a weekly Family Education Group that gives a basic understanding of Chemical Dependency. Family treatment is essential to total recovery; therefore, family members are involved in all of our outpatient programs. Once treatment is complete, family members are also encouraged to attend Family Aftercare and Al-Anon meetings. Your family counselor can give you schedules for these meetings.

Once a person is admitted for residential treatment, family members continue to be an important source of emotional and spiritual support and further enrich the treatment experience by their participation in the Family Program. Cumberland Heights offers a variety of resources to help the family cope with their loved one's disease and participate in their own recovery. During our week long Family Program, we help you understand the nature of addiction and how it impacts the ways families function. We teach you how to become a part of the solution by opening the lines of communication and by adopting healthier habits and behaviors. Special programs for children and adolescents whose lives have been impacted by addiction are also available.


After your family completes treatment, the family is eligible to participate in the Family Aftercare Program. This program provides a safe place for family members to continue their own recovery. You can attend aftercare groups at various Cumberland Heights locations across middle Tennessee.

Children's Program 

Addiction is a progressive disease. If untreated, its limits are boundless. Addiction is like cancer, or diabetes, or MS; it matters not what gender, age, income or educational level one may be to become addicted to anything from alcohol to prescriptions and worse. The symptoms of addiction affect the whole family, which is why recovery for each family member, addict or not, is at the heart of our Family Program, and our Children's Program, too (one of the nation's best.)

Families with or without relatives in treatment may attend, (any family with a relative in treatment is highly recommended to join The Family Program). The program is free for patient families, and a nominal fee is charged for others. (Scholarships are available.)

Children of addicts grow up in chaos and unpredictability. The earlier in a child's life problems occur, the more likely the rest of their own life will be affected, even once sober. Kids absorb their environment, and a dysfunctional environment can lead a child into a lifetime of struggles. 

Children need to know about addiction and its recovery. In The Family Program, kids can talk privately, safely, yet openly, expressing a wide range of real feelings. And they can ask almost any question.

At Cumberland Heights, we utilize art, games, recreation, theater and music to help them express the inexpressible. Children discover hope and healing in this safe environment.

Children are accepted into the program between the ages of six and twelve. 

The Cumberland Heights Children's Program teaches kids to safely express their feelings. Once they understand addiction is a chronic illness, they begin to understand that they are not to blame. This is but one great reason to attend this program, and there are many more. 

We will be offering two programs the summer of 2014, each lasts four days. The program dates are June 16th - 12th and July  14th - 17th. The morning program starts by 8:45am with aftercare available. To register for this program, contact our Family Department at 615.432.3108 or submit the attached form via email SPACE IS LIMITED 


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