veterans with PTSD
9 Nov 2021

PTSD Statistics

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone as the result of a traumatic event. The term first began to be used, though, with veterans who had seen combat and suffered mental health issues as a result. During November, special attention should be given to PTSD statistics, particularly to...

heroin withdrawal
4 Nov 2021

Heroin Withdrawal

Not too many decades ago, the best-known “treatment” for heroin withdrawal was toughing it out “cold turkey”—which, in stereotypical media portrayals, usually meant a stark bedroom setting with a dirty cot and no supervision. Not a pleasant image, nor a particularly accurate one, since hospital treatment has been an...

crying for no reason
24 Oct 2021

Sunday Sermon: The Power of Reaction

How often have you let the reaction of someone around you determine how you feel about yourself? The term is called co-dependency and it's a personality trait that can take a long time to unlearn. Usually, how people respond to a situation has nothing to do with us.    

mental health
22 Oct 2021

Dysthymia: High Functioning Depression

The symptoms of depression are not always visible on the outside, and other people in your life may not realize that you suffer from the mental health condition. In fact, when you seem able to go through your daily activities with no outward signs of an internal struggle, you...

wine mom
19 Oct 2021

Is “Wine Mom” Culture Really Just for Fun?

Many of us laugh at the merch geared towards stressed out moms who could use some relaxation time - "Mommy Needs Wine" or "Mom Juice." But are these marketing campaigns really harmless or can it create a mentality that leads to substance use issues?

Spirituality in recovery
17 Oct 2021

Sunday Sermon: Transforming Our Most Difficult Moments

"Why do bad things happen?" It's a question Spiritual Care Counselor Michelle Morris gets asked a lot. Truth be told, she doesn't know the answer. Many different religions have answers to this question but as far as which answer is right - that's for you to determine. Michelle challenges...

mental health
15 Oct 2021

Who Can Diagnose Mental Illness?

October has been designated as National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month. If you are concerned about symptoms that you have been experiencing, now is a good time to seek out a mental health screening and diagnosis. You may be wondering who can diagnose mental illness. There are many...

non-stimulant adhd medications
11 Oct 2021

Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication

Before Non-Stimulant Medications Not long ago, restlessness in schoolchildren and even adults was typically diagnosed as “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” and treated with immediate prescription of stimulant-based ADHD medication. At that time, non-stimulant medications were not used. Unfortunately, many of those diagnosed did not in fact have ADHD, but some other illness such...

reducing stigma
8 Oct 2021

World Mental Health Day

The week of October 3-9 has been designated as Mental Illness Awareness Week. The theme of the week for 2021 is “Together in Mental Health.” Sunday, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. All of these activities are part of October’s designation as National Depression and Mental Health Screening...

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