8 Dec 2014

Are you carrying the message of the 12th Step?

The 12 Steps "The 12th step in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is truly  magnificent. In one sentence, and two phrases, it gives us, not only guidance in stopping drinking, but a guide to living a more useful and peaceful life. My parents did a good enough job trying to...

19 Nov 2014

What we expect is most often what we see

**Audio of Service** What we expect is most often what we see. The same is true of our expectations of God. If we hold a stern, judgmental, punishing picture of God are we really able to trust God enough to turn our life and will over to that power greater...

14 Nov 2014

How Do You Practice Your Prayer & Meditation?

  Step 11 of The 12 Steps   We are celebrating the 11th Step during November, Tell us how you practice your prayer and meditation. What has worked for you, what hasn't worked? We asked some of our staff members who work in our Men's Program to share their thoughts. (Morning) 3rd Step Prayer God,...

29 Oct 2014

Sunday Service October 29, 2014

**Audio of Service** It is so easy to hold the grudges, the resentments, the self-righteous air. It is easy to believe in our unwillingness to let go that we are somehow settling the score. We need our relationship with the God of our understanding to give us the eyes to...

12 Oct 2014

Worship in Pink Sunday

**Audio of Service** We are not always free to determine WHAT happens to us, but we are relatively free to choose how we will respond to whatever happens. In those difficult situations in life, we all have the choice of what we will maximize and what we will minimize. The person...

7 Oct 2014

How has the 10th Step Changed Your Daily Life?

October is the 10th month, so we are spotlighting the 10th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous. Share with us how the 10th Step has changed your life. "Every evening before I close my eyes, I take a personal inventory of my day and ask myself if I have harmed others in...

30 Sep 2014

Greetings from the Cumberland Heights Kitchen Chefs

Cumberland Heights is known for our patient care and treatment. We are also known for the many wonderful meals that are prepared from our kitchen staff every day. Chef Jim Threadgill and Chef Tim Dies do a wonderful job of filling our patients physically.Today they would like to share...

23 Sep 2014

Principles Over Personalities

**Audio of Service** Our personalities are composed of our upbringing, culture, religious/spiritual beliefs, likes, dislikes, education, and experiences in addiction and recovery. The spiritual principles do not change. Humility is necessary to learn; faith is necessary to move forward and let go of control; integrity is necessary to maintain our...

16 Sep 2014

CH Celebrates Recovery Month with Informative YouTube Series

In concurrence with the 25th annual National Recovery Month, Cumberland Heights has released "Committing to Treatment,"  the newest segment in its popular YouTube series. "Committing to Treatment" supports this year's Recovery Month theme "Join the Voices for Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out" by featuring patients and staff speaking up about...

4 Sep 2014

Sunday Service August 24, 2014

**Audio of service** To be transformed is to welcome the unique character God is giving you, the special place God is sending you, and the growth God sends your way. To be open to the new. Recovery isn't just about not using; it's about learning how to live and learning...

14 Aug 2014

Second in YouTube Series Helps Families Support Mom

Cumberland Heights launched today the second in its already-acclaimed YouTube video series with a back-to-school message for moms battling addiction and their families. The latest video titled "Women in Rehab: A Courageous Choice" spotlights the unique challenges women face with both addiction and recovery. The focus on women is...

8 Jul 2014

Cumberland Heights Launches Breakthrough YouTube Series Initial detox segment demystifies process

Nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment center Cumberland Heights ( launched today its new YouTube series designed to speak candidly to people struggling with addiction and those who care about them. The casually shot, rough-cut videos effectively capture the emotions and challenges of addicts, while providing straightforward, honest information...

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