5 Mantras to Promote Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

Woman practicing mantras to promote self-loveValentine’s Day can be triggering for many people in recovery, particularly as the holidays can bring up feelings of sadness, guilt, loss and isolation. Society constantly emphasizes the message (through movies, billboards, etc.) that if we’re not with someone, something is wrong with us – and if we let that false belief in, it will sure make us feel as though we’re not good enough. Addiction recovery is already an important time to restore the mind, body and spirit, but how can we possibly do that this holiday season when we’re being bombarded with messages that tell us we should be searching for love? There’s a gentle, sideways path around this concern, and it’s much more important – deepen the love you have within yourself.

Mantras have been used for hundreds of years to spark kind thought patterns and set out good intentions into the world. When we put our mind to something and acknowledge that desire both to ourselves and out loud, we are much more likely to manifest it within our lives. If you’re ready to strengthen your connection with a Higher Power, with yourself and with your recovery, consider the following mantras:

  • “I am worthy of love.”
  • “I will let me happiness be visible to others.”
  • “I am becoming the person I want to be.”
  • “I surround myself with loving people who support me.”
  • “I am confident in my decisions.”

It may seem a little odd telling yourself these phrases, but you’re sure to find a sense of empowerment from acknowledging them. In 2016, a study published in the journal Life Science Global found that yoga practice, meditation (including the use of mantras!) and self-reflection are some of the most influential ways for those in recovery to relieve stress and promote mental wellness. These types of practices help us get set in the right frame of mind – and before you know it, you won’t even be worrying about Valentine’s Day, because you’re in the works of strengthening your own relationship – with yourself.

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