Addiction and Recovery: Is There Hope for Our Communities?

is there hope for our communities from addiction and recovery?With such high rates of substance abuse in our nation, it’s safe to say that community members and healthcare professionals alike have been concerned about how we’re going to address such a rampant issue. News and media outlets tend to portray mostly negative stories, which may only lead us to feeling more hopeless about those around us seeking the help they need. If this is where you currently find yourself, know that you’re not alone – but there are steps being taken to help people, and there are so many people who care. Amidst the chaos of addiction, we can remain calm and resilient – and by staying positive, we can help guide those around us to change their lives for the better.

The Surgeon General has provided several notes of hope for those who are skeptical on the progress we’ve made so far in addiction recovery:

  • Policies and programs have been developed to help prevent drug and alcohol misuse
  • As more research has been conducted, we’re becoming even more aware of addiction effects, treatment outcome and strategies to better help those who need it
  • Evidence-based treatments do restore people’s health and wellbeing
  • 12-Step programs are evidenced to help individuals find structure and support during turbulent times
  • Health care reform efforts are ensuring that healthcare providers are more integrative in their care
  • More support is even being offered in prisons to incarcerated individuals who need support in recovery

A 2016 study published in the journal Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly emphasized that community engagement is vital to recovery success; in our communities, we’re becoming more diligent in our efforts to educate everyone on the dangers of addiction, the effects to the mind, body and spirit, and of the many resources available for support. There is still hope in our communities – and by holding onto that hope, we can overcome one of the biggest battles our nation has faced: addiction.

If you’re ready to seek help today, speak with a professional from Cumberland Heights to learn more about treatment and how we can personalize your own recovery plan. Recovery starts one step at a time – but one by one, we can make a difference in healing the lives of others.

Cumberland Heights is a nonprofit alcohol and drug-addiction treatment center located on the banks of the Cumberland river in Nashville, Tennessee. On a sprawling 177-acre campus, we are made up of 2 12-Step immersion campuses, 12 outpatient recovery centers and 4 sober living homes. We believe that each person has a unique story to tell – and that’s why we always put the patient first.