After Treatment: Creating the Ultimate Sober Living Environment

Living sober after recoveryFormal treatment is an excellent place to start learning the ins and outs of recovery, but it shouldn’t stop there. Even after you’ve completed your treatment program, you want to make sure you’re continuing to use the tools you’ve learned. Sobriety can truly open your eyes to the beauty that is life, but it takes time to feel grounded once you’ve left treatment. You have the ability to create the ultimate sober living environment, you just need to remember the following:

  • Stock Up on Support. Continue to surround yourself with people who truly support your recovery. Distance yourself from those who trigger you or who don’t respect your decision to remain sober.
  • Go to Bed. A 2014 study published in the journal Family & Community Health assessed 164 people in addiction recovery and found a high prevalence of sleep disturbance. Sleep significantly affects quality of life, making adequate sleep a necessary part of sobriety.
  • Eat Healthy Foods. Addiction depletes us of vital nutrients and minerals, which can only dehydrate us and make it more difficult for us to think clearly. U.S News suggests eating leafy green vegetables, poultry, vitamin D, protein from fish and more.
  • Establish Structure. Just as with formal treatment, structure is incredibly important for those in recovery. Having a set plan for the day leaves little room for rumination or spending time with people who are not conducive to your recovery.
  • Continue to Build Spirituality. 12-Step programs are an excellent way to continue to build your relationship with God or another Higher Power. Previous studies have shown that those with strengthened spirituality often experience higher quality of life and lower relapse rates compared to those who don’t.

Sobriety gives you the option to better connect with loved ones, create new memories and grow as a person. If you’re ready to start your journey to recovery today, speak with someone from Cumberland Heights.

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