Can Yoga Be Practiced by People of All Ages?

Can Yoga Be Practiced by People of All Ages?Yoga has been used for many, many years to connect the mind, body and spirit. According to an article published The Good Body, a health-related website, estimates that there are 36 million Americans practicing yoga. It is reported that between 2012 and 2016, yoga grew in popular within the U.S. by 50 percent! Previous research has shown us that yoga can increase flexibility, increase muscle strength, improve respiration and vitality, improve athletic performance and so much more. Despite the growing number of people engaging in yoga, there seems to be a lot of hesitancy about the age that a person can be to practice yoga. While yoga can certainly have some anti-aging effects, what about those who are older?

As stated on, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Yoga is comprised of a variety of different poses with varying levels of intensity – those of any age can start at the basic level and work their way up as they continue practicing. In fact, Dr. Kathleen Hall, a stress expert, told the Huffington Post that regular exercise can reduce the risk of death by a third and can cut the risk of chronic disease by 40 percent. Those over 50 may find yoga to be a low-impact form of exercise that puts little strain on the body – where exercises like weight lifting might.

Women going through menopause may also find yoga to help balance out some of the uncomfortable symptoms. states that for those in addiction recovery, yoga can reduce cortisol levels (which regulate our stress response), also lowering symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you’re considering practicing yoga, you’ll also find the effects immediately as you practice it – many find that this immediate relief takes place in the mind and body, with much clearer outlooks on the rest of their day.

In sum, yoga is a form of meditation. It helps us connect more to our inner selves through slow movements. If you have any physical concerns related to yoga, speak with your doctor – but for the most part, yoga is truly for anyone and everyone.

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