Channeling Energy in Recovery Towards Your Life Purpose

Woman channeling energy during recovery to focus on her life purpose

We all have unique gifts and talents that can make a lasting impact on this world, but far too often they fall between the cracks as we struggle with the day-to-day events that bring us stress. Substance abuse is a huge cause of this, because many people do not have the appropriate resources and knowledge to deal with painful thoughts and emotions in healthy ways. If you’re in recovery right now, you may be striving everyday towards your mental, physical and spiritual health – and you’ll find that if you channel your energy in the right way, you’ll be working towards a much bigger picture – your life purpose – in some truly amazing ways.

A few years ago, a man shared his story with Forbes magazine about how he took on a role that he thought was part of what he was “supposed” to do – and eventually had to learn that it wasn’t fulfilling for him. He stated,

“My passion needed purpose that is rippling into areas bigger than me. I do have my moments of distractions, but my purpose is what gets me back on track to focus on what is important.”

After channeling is energy on his true purpose, he is now teaching and mentoring technology at a college – and he finds that he’s much better able to divide his energy up between his home and work life because he enjoys what he does. While you’re in recovery, you too can channel your energy towards what you want to do:

  • Begin focusing on spending your time doing things you love.
  • Develop projects out of an area that you love – or volunteer to work on a project for someone else surrounding this field.
  • Start getting to know people who do what you may want to do, so that you can get a better understanding for how it all works.
  • As you make these connections, take opportunities that speak to your soul and light you up with a purpose in life.

Mind Body Green, a website that emphasizes holistic health, suggests asking the big questions of life – the why, how and what in order to stay true to those major life goals.

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