Connecting With a Higher Power When You Feel Everything Has Failed

Connecting with a higher power when feeling like you failed in recovery

When everything is going well – for example, when we’ve been participating in our 12-Step program, we’ve maintained our therapy appointments and we’re feeling like we’re making significant progress in recovery – it’s easy to look towards a Higher Power. Pair spirituality with bad days – in other words, moments when we’ve been feeling depressed, anxious, let down, infuriated, etc. – and it becomes a bit more difficult. Many people can affirm that recovery has its ups and downs, and we can’t always predict how we’re going to feel or what situations are going to arise from one day to the next. What we can rely on, however, is a Higher Power to get us through those bad days.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Religion and Health, found that aspects of spirituality can help people get through even the hardest of times:

  • Feeling God’s presence daily
  • Believing in a Higher Power as a universal spirit
  • Serving as an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sponsor
  • And more

The more we become involved with our spiritual side, the greater the reassurance we can feel because we’re no longer alone – and not only that, but we can feel confident that as human beings, we don’t have all the answers.

Earlier this year, writer Maria Mooney, MSW, LSW, explained that,

“A lack of connection to the authentic self, important others, a higher power and a larger community can contribute to feelings of isolation and emptiness, low self-worth and a pervasive sense of unhappiness that can contribute to and/or perpetuate addictive behaviors.”

In other words, it’s our connection with a Higher Power – and a sense of strength in spirituality – that can take us to greater heights of strengths no matter what life circumstances are thrust upon us. If you’re ready to overcome addiction and surround yourself with people who can guide you through recovery, speak with a professional from Cumberland Heights today.

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