Dating in Recovery – Do’s & Don’ts

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Dating in Recovery – Do’s & Don’ts

By: Cumberland Heights


  1. TALK TO YOUR SPONSOR – Talk to your sponsor and others in recovery. They will share their experience, strength and hope with you.
  2. GROW TOGETHER – If you’re dating someone in recovery continue to work your individual programs to make it work one day at a time.
  3. PUT RECOVERY FIRST – Keep a strong relationship with your Higher Power so you’re happy with or without someone in your life. When relationships don’t work it can be devastating. If you’re not emotionally sober this could trigger a relapse. Put your recovery first.


  1. DATE TOO SOON – Don’t date in early recovery. Relationships take time and energy. If you’re focused on a relationship you’re taking away from your recovery.
  2. GO TO ALL THE SAME MEETINGS – Don’t attend all the same 12-Step meetings. Continue to go to regular meetings on your own.
  3. PUT YOURSELF IN UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS – If you’re dating someone who’s not in recovery set clear boundaries. If they’re involved for the right reasons, and alcohol is not a problem, this shouldn’t be a difficult request.

Dating in Recovery - Do's & Don'ts Infographic - Cumberland Heights Recovery Blog

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