Heart Disease and Death Are Correlated to One’s Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption may cause heart disease and death

Worldwide alcohol consumption guidelines vary widely. For many years, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines stated that drinking in moderation would not result in medical problems for healthy adults, and even suggested that such behavior may improve heart health. But a recent study published in a leading British medical journal, questions the notion that one or two alcoholic drinks a day are harmless to our health.

In order to gain clarity on the subject, researchers evaluated the data from over 80 studies conducted in nearly 20 countries. The goal was to determine the risks for cardiovascular disease and death in individuals who consume alcohol.

Information from over half a million individuals was examined in order to ascertain just how much alcohol can be consumed before one increases his or her risk of dying.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the researchers found that the amount of alcohol consumed was directly correlated to one’s risk of dying. In other words, the more a person drinks, the more they increase their chances of suffering a fatality.

The statistics are startling: someone who imbibes more than 24 drinks a week lowers their life expectancy by four to five years.

That’s a huge number of years lost to alcohol, years that could be spent relishing life with loved ones, traveling, indulging in hobbies and appreciating all of the things that bring you joy.

More Than a Matter of The Heart

Researchers also concluded that alcohol use raised the risk for individuals to experience a stroke, fatal high blood pressure, heart failure and coronary heart disease.

The takeaway message from the study is that alcohol use and/or abuse has a profound effect on one’s well-being, not just in terms of personal health but also in terms of how alcohol can adversely affect the relationships we value the most. Alcohol has the power to decrease your life expectancy, and with it the impact you can have on the ones who love you the most.

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