How to Focus on Your Strengths to Build a Better Life

How you can build a better life

Life is full of challenges, ups, and downs, hills, and valleys. But research demonstrates that there are two main things you can do to actively manage your well-being. Sound too good to be true?

Research shows that the power of positive thinking is absolutely good for your overall state of mind, and there are two key things that you can do to ensure you flourish in life, rather than flounder. What can you do to increase your level of positivity and by extension boost your level of optimism?

  • Practice amplifying and building on what is positive in your life at this moment.

You can do this by reflecting on your strengths as they exist right here and right now.

Research shows that therapeutic techniques that focus on enhancing our strengths can be more advantageous than techniques that only aim to correct deficits. But, an important caveat to keep in mind is that focusing on the positive does not mean ignoring the negative. There is a time and place to address both our strengths as well as the areas in which we wish to improve.

For example, think of a positive, realistic goal you’d like to achieve. Now, identify one or more of your strengths that can help you get there: courage, hope, spirituality, the list is as unique as you are!

  • Vow to learn from mistakes. It’s unwise to try to forget negative experiences because they are the very building blocks we can use to help us flourish and grow. While we should not allow these experiences to define us, we should allow ourselves to reflect on them in order to determine how to avoid them in the future.

Experts encourage us to start the journey to a more positive life by identifying strengths and building upon them. Would you like to learn more about how you can turn negative life experience into a positive? The professionals at Cumberland Heights are here to help you begin your journey toward healing.

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