National Recovery Month at Cumberland Heights

You deserve the opportunity to move forward with your life in recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. National Recovery Month at Cumberland Heights emphasizes that everyone, regardless of the nature or extent of their addiction, should be able to get the treatment they need.

September is National Recovery Month

September is designated as National Recovery Month, a time to celebrate the gains of those individuals who are currently in recovery and to promote evidence-based treatment and recovery practices that can be so beneficial to anyone with an addiction. The 2021 theme for National Recovery Month is “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.”

Proclamation from the White House

A presidential proclamation recently issued on National Recovery Month states (in part):

“During National Recovery Month, we celebrate the millions of Americans who have achieved recovery and reaffirm our commitment to helping more Americans overcome substance use disorder and reach recovery. We also support those who are still struggling to achieve recovery and dedicate ourselves to overcoming these challenges together.

“This year’s theme, ‘Recovery is For Everyone:  Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,’ emphasizes that recovery is possible for all Americans.

“Everyone can support and encourage those working toward recovery.”

The Power of Positive Change

Change is possible. Recovery is possible. Recovery is, in fact, the process of positive change through which individuals can improve their health and well-being, begin to live lives that are self-directed, and work toward reaching their full potential in life. If you are addicted and want to get help, you can overcome your illness and regain your health, your relationships, your career, and your overall sense of well-being.

Changing in recovery means more than just not using drugs or alcohol. It is a complete recovery lifestyle. You will learn how to more appropriately handle your negative feelings and live a meaningful life of contribution, without the harmful substances you once depended on to get by.

Importance of Appropriate, Adequate Treatment

During National Recovery Month at Cumberland Heights, we are sharing stories of those individuals who have been addicted and are now in recovery. You, too, can overcome your addiction, with the support of positive friends and family members, as well as a strong and effective treatment program. You can have hope and healing in your own recovery.

Treatment needs to be customized for your specific situation, whether it involves detoxification, inpatient or outpatient care, or experiential therapies. In addition, the time you stay in treatment can make a huge difference in your success in recovery. Although what is appropriate for you depends on the extent of your addiction and any other challenges you may be experiencing, research shows that most people need to stay in treatment consistently for at least three months. The best outcomes are the result of longer durations of treatment.

Recovery is a long-term process. You may even relapse during your treatment program or in recovery. That does not mean that you have failed or that your program has failed. Addiction is a strong disease. With the right help, though, you can beat it and move forward with a healthier life.

Living a Healthier Life in Recovery

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may also have other health issues. Associated health concerns often include heart or lung disease, cancer, or stroke. Smoking is known to cause cancer, methamphetamines can cause serious dental problems, and opioids can lead to overdose and death. Some drugs, especially inhalants, can damage or destroy nerve cells in the brain or in the peripheral nervous system.

Your mental health can also be affected by your addiction. In fact, drug use and mental health disorders often co-exist. Anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia may appear first, and drug use can worse these conditions. The use of substances such as methamphetamine and opioids can also cause changes in the brain that can lead to mental health issues.

Staying healthy, mentally and physically, involves seeking out treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you are also experiencing a mental health disorder, both conditions can be treated together so you can look forward to a healthier life in recovery.

National Recovery Month: Hope and Healing in Tennessee

Addiction can be overwhelming. You are not alone in your addiction or in your need for healing treatment and recovery. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, help is here. The team at Cumberland Heights understands how difficult it can be to overcome addiction. That’s why we provide clinically advanced care to people throughout the state of Tennessee. To learn more about addiction treatment through Cumberland Heights, contact our admissions team today.

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