National Recovery Month 2022

Cumberland Heights has provided unparalleled, comprehensive addiction care since 1966. We are proud to carry on a 56-year tradition while embracing new technologies and industry advancements. In observation of National Recovery Month 2022, here’s a closer look at how we uniquely contribute to helping Tennesseans heal from substance use disorders.

Joining the SUD Outcomes Network

Assessing outcomes is a fundamental challenge that has historically troubled the behavioral health industry. For decades, SUD treatment providers have struggled with factors such as effectiveness, access, logistics and cost. Fortunately, we now have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies that allow us to collect and analyze data.

Cumberland Heights is one of six nonprofit organizations that has joined the SUD Outcomes Network, a shared cloud-based database that monitors program success. Network members agreed on a series of measurements to determine how well former clients keep responding after completing their initial stay in inpatient treatment. For example, continuing to attend group therapy meetings is one indicator of people’s commitment to keep doing the work necessary for sustained sobriety.

Network members recently published their findings in a summary report detailing their efforts to improve practices, inform clients and communicate with external stakeholders. The report shows the value of tracking factors such as duration and level of care and surveying post-discharge results.

Named Newsweek’s Best Treatment Center in Tennessee

For the third year in a row, Newsweek magazine has recognized Cumberland Heights as a leading substance use treatment center in Tennessee. In 2022, our center earned the No. 1 spot on the America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers list for the second time. Newsweek’s ranking highlights the nation’s preeminent facilities based on quality of service, reputation and accreditation compared to in-state competition.

The nation’s substance abuse epidemic has affected every state, hitting Tennesseans especially hard. Many addictions begin with a legal prescription for a drug such as OxyContin or Valium. However, since medications like these are only available in short-term supplies, people who rely on them to regulate their moods and brain chemistry may be willing to break the law to get a supply when theirs runs out.

Continuing to use drugs helps people avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, but a worsening addiction will bring increasingly severe consequences, affecting people’s relationships, responsibilities and overall well-being. Professional, evidence-based treatment can have transformative benefits for people who haven’t managed to overcome a drug or drinking problem on their own.

Let National Recovery Month Inspire You to Ask for Help

As a nationwide leader in clinically excellent care and recovery success stories, Cumberland Heights is also the first ASAM-accredited rehab in Tennessee. Our team is passionate about helping people heal by equipping them with the tools to stay clean and sober for life.

Here, you’ll receive an individualized plan designed to address your unique needs, including co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Contact us to learn more about how to turn your life around.