Dr. Anderson Spickard Jr. presents “The Craving Brain”

Dr. Anderson Spickard Jr. presents “The Craving Brain”

Please join us in the Frist Family Life Center Auditorium on the campus of Cumberland Heights for the following schedule of events:

WHAT: Dr. Anderson Spickard Jr. presents “The Craving Brain”
WHEN: September 13, 2017
WHERE: Frist Family Life Center Auditorium (on the campus of Cumberland Heights)
SPEAKING: 1 PM to 3 PM – Lecture with Q&A
SIGNING: 3 PM to 4 PM – Book Signing
COST: $60 per ticket

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Dr. Anderson Spickard’s book “The Craving Brain” will also be available for purchase in the Cumberland Height’s Book Shop.

Dr. Anderson Spickard, Jr., will draw on his 45 years of experience as a physician, professor and leader in the field of addiction studies to synthesize and summarize his current understanding of the cause and treatment of addiction as laid out in his most recent book, The Craving Brain: Science, Spirituality and the Road to Recovery. Impacted deeply in the early days of his practice by the death of a colleague suffering from addiction who committed suicide, Dr. Spickard has since followed a determined course to find answers. Drawing on research into the brain’s reward system, he will describe the hijacking that leads to the perfect brain injury/disorder for the development of addiction. His description of how a person gets into an addicted state and how a person gets out of it is extremely relevant for those called upon more each day to address the needs of patients, families and communities struggling to survive in a time of increasing deaths by overdose.

Dr. Anderson Spickard presents 'The Craving Brain' at Cumberland Heights

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