Family & Children Services

Family & Children Services

Cumberland Heights recognizes that addiction is a family disease. We developed our family program to help educate and guide patients’ families as they navigate their way toward recovery.

Family Care Program Schedules & Agendas

Cumberland Heights and the Family Care Program wishes to extend our invitation for you to participate along with other family members in our Family Program. Cumberland Heights supports and encourages your participation in this integral part of the treatment process. We offer 2 program sessions for participation, please choose whichever fits your schedule better. The first session begins Saturday – Monday, the other begins Sunday – Tuesday.


Family Recovery Day Schedule

We are glad that you are interested in spending time with your loved one while at Cumberland Heights. Your presence greatly increases the recovery outcomes for your loved one in treatment as well as for you, your family, and generations to come. Although all activities are important, it is essential that all visitors participate in the 1:15PM family recovery groups on Sunday. There is a lot going on at Cumberland Heights on Sunday. These notes will help you navigate. If you’d like a convenient printable agenda/schedule please click one of the buttons above.

Please arrive early.

This allows you to have plenty of time to park, get to the Family Life Center to register, get your visitor badge, and get to your scheduled activity.

Please check in.

The Frist Family Life Center (FLC Building) is the large building with the clock tower to the left of the parking lot. Please go to the far entrance and you will find our receptionist. Again, this is where you will sign in.

Please join us for lunch!

Please note: that lunch is only available (cost is $12/adult) for those visitors who attend morning activities, which include Chapel, Mindfulness Meditation Practice, or individual family sessions. There are several restaurants available on Charlotte Avenue near River Road for your convenience if you aren’t able to attend these morning activities. Please note that you must be here by 11:00AM in order to participate in the morning activities and lunch on campus.

If you can only attend the afternoon activities, please arrive at 12:45PM

and proceed to the FLC Building as noted above.

Here’s a listing of all services we provide to families:

10:15AM 1st time visitor orientation in FLC Building
11:00AM Chapel Service in FLC Auditorium or Mindfulness Meditation Practice
— Men meet in MMR
— Women meet in Craig Hall lower-level small group room
— Youth Mindfulness is held in the Hazel Hawkins lower level
12:00PM Lunch Dining Hall (REMEMBER: You must attend morning activities to have lunch on campus)

Recovery Connections Groups as follows:

Young Men – meet in FLC Building
Traditional Adult Women – meet in Craig Hall lower level large group room
Traditional Adult Men, as well as Extended Care Men – meet in MMR
Family Education Group (First Step Families) – meet in FLC Auditorium
First Step patients join their families at 2:15pm in the FLC

2:45PM – 4:00PM Unstructured Family Recovery Time with Loved Ones
VERY IMPORTANT: Anyone who arrives to the security gate more than 10 minutes late for Chapel/Meditation will be asked to come back at 12:45PM. The latest anyone may arrive on campus on Sunday is 1:15PM.

Addiction is a progressive disease. If untreated, its limits are boundless. Addiction is like cancer, or diabetes, or MS; it matters not what gender, age, income or educational level one may be to become addicted to anything from alcohol to prescriptions and worse. The symptoms of addiction affect the whole family, which is why recovery for each family member, addict or not, is at the heart of our Family Program, and our Children’s Program, too (one of the nation’s best.)

  • Families with or without relatives in treatment may attend, (any family with a relative in treatment is highly recommended to join The Family Program). The program is free for patient families, and a nominal fee is charged for others. Scholarships are available.
  • Children of addicts grow up in chaos and unpredictability. The earlier in a child’s life problems occur, the more likely the rest of their own life will be affected, even once sober. Kids absorb their environment, and a dysfunctional environment can lead a child into a lifetime of struggles.
  • Children need to know about addiction and its recovery. In The Family Program, kids can talk privately, safely, yet openly, expressing a wide range of real feelings. And they can ask almost any question.
  • At Cumberland Heights, we utilize art, games, recreation, theater and music to help them express the inexpressible. Children discover hope and healing in this safe environment.
  • Children are accepted into the program between the ages of 6 and 12.

The Cumberland Heights Children’s Program teaches kids to safely express their feelings. Once they understand addiction is a chronic illness, they begin to understand that they are not to blame. This is but one great reason to attend this program, and there are many more.

Family Addiction Treatment

The Cumberland Heights family program helps parents, siblings, and children of addicts to more fully understand their loved one’s struggle. Call 800-646-9998 to learn more about our treatment options.

Other Levels of Inpatient Care

Why is it so meaningful to give to Cumberland Heights?

Your gift to Cumberland Heights through our annual and capital initiates gives immediate support to patients and their families. To make a longer term impact a gift to the endowment fund will provide patient assistance funding for years to come.