The Tennessesan, “Nashville Drug Treatment Center Launches YouTube Series”

Via The Tennessean Link

A Nashville drug treatment center has taken toYouTube  to capture candid conversations with people with histories of addiction.

The first  two-minute video  posted by Cumberland Heights delves into detoxification, a process that often raises fears for addicts considering coming forward for help.

In the video, a Nashville-area man in his 20s who got help at the center talks about recovering from heroin addiction that “mentally and emotionally” destroyed his life and landed him in jail.

The center’s chief medical officer, Chapman Sledge, also appears in the video to describe how detox can be dangerous if carried out incorrectly. He said discomfort can be minimized and fears reduced by involving recovering addicts in group therapy sessions with people with similar experiences.

Upcoming video topics will address women with addictions, treatment, music therapy and the role of families in recovery. The videos are available at