Dive Deep, Emerge Renewed: 12-Step Immersion

EVENT LOCATION Event Location: Zoom
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Who: Heath Chitwood, LADAC
Cost: $10.00 Approved through NAADAC, NBCC and the Alabama Board of Social Work
Ceus: 1.5
Stacy Bridges: stacy_bridges@cumberlandheights.org
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This webinar will help participants understand the history of 12-step immersion, how it is structured, its different components, and the importance of each. It will identify the difference between 12-step immersion and traditional treatment as well as the different types of 12-step immersion programs and why there are multiple types.  It will highlight the importance of the role peer- bonding plays within 12-step immersion communities and who are the best candidates for 12-step immersion programs. Join Heath Chitwood, LADAC as he explores 12-step immersion, it’s evolution and importance in the world of substance abuse treatment.  


Understand History of 12-step immersion

Understand distinction between 12-step immersion and treatment

Be able to identify who is appropriate for 12-step immersion

Understand different components (peer-led, recovering employees, structure, accountability…etc.) of the program and the importance of each

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