Paving The Road To Recovery

Paving The Road to Recovery

A 12-day educational and fundraising initiative to help families recover from the devastating disease of addiction

Welcome to Paving the Road to Recovery, a 12-day educational and fundraising initiative with one goal in mind – to help families recover from the devastating disease of addiction. More than 21 million American families are impacted by this epidemic, and we are asking you to help pave their road to recovery. Your willingness to learn and give financially will help us continue our mission of saving lives at a very critical time. Thank you for providing hope and healing along the road.

Sponsors & Patrons

We are extremely grateful for our amazing Sponsors and Patrons for helping make “Paving The Road to Recovery” a success. A special thanks to our Recovery Sponsors, the Cal Turner Family Foundation, as well as Jane and Tom Smith for their generous gifts.

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Donate to Paving The Road to Recovery

Your donations will support our efforts to help patients and their families recover life from substance use. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Gifts Given in Memory or Tribute

Cumberland Heights is pleased recognize these gifts in tribute or memory of specific people.

In honor of Jody Roberts & Frank Wade

In memory of Phil Tolbert

In honor of Julia Ann H.

In honor of Alec McDougall

In memory of Duke Kennedy

In honor of Collin and Whit

In memory of Tom Lohuis

In honor of J. M. Frank

In honor of Zach Throckmorton

In honor of Harrison Lamar Graham

In honor of Paul Wilson – Board Member

In honor of Lee McGehee Porter V

In honor of John Hiatt

In honor of Dean Porterfield

In honor of Jack Rosenblatt

In honor of Mark Hunt

In memory of Ronald “Red” Sauriff

In memory of Nelson T. Trabue, Sr.

Notes from Paving The Road to Recovery Donors

Paving The Road to Recovery donors have the opportunity to write notes with their donations. We will share those notes throughout the campaign from Oct. 19-30.

“In honor of my son 13 years sobriety this month. While he did not attend Cumberland Heights the current Director has helped in with many of his issues. I am proud to support ARCH!”

In memory of Tom Lohuis, a husband, father, grandfather and brother who is missed every day.”

Thank you Jack for all of your hard work.”

“Thank you Cumberland Heights! We are forever thankful for your work in the lives of our family.”

“Thanks to CH my life is different now. I really appreciate my time there and highest regards for everyone who works there to help addicts.”

Thank you to CH for giving me the chance to bring light back into my life.”

Paving The Road to Recovery Schedule

Each day during “Paving The Road to Recovery” will have a theme about an important part of Cumberland Heights.

About Cumberland Heights

Cumberland Heights is a non-profit addiction treatment center that has been transforming lives since 1966. Through 12-Step work, therapy, expert medical care, family support, and more we’ve been able to help thousands of people discover a fulfilling life free from alcohol and drugs. We offer gender-specific inpatient and outpatient treatment, 12-Step immersion treats and a new state of the art facility for teen boys. We understand every patient is different, so we believe in treating the individual, not the disease.

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