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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE APRIL 1, 2020 —  Cumberland Heights is thrilled to announce the opening of ARCH Academy (Adolescent Recovery of Cumberland Heights) on its brand new 67-acre campus in Kingston Springs. Nestled in the woods near hiking trails and the Harpeth River, the new state of the art facility provides the ideal setting for recovery. The program is designed for teen boys, ages 14-18 battling a substance use disorder and other co-occurring illnesses such as anxiety and depression.  “Through adventure therapy, family therapy, as well as individual and group counseling, these young men will have a tremendous opportunity to rewrite their story — a story of hope and healing,” said Executive Director Dean Porterfield. The tagline RECOVERY. ACADEMICS. ADVENTURE encompasses the heart of the program. ARCH Academy has a fully-accredited private high … Continue reading Cumberland Heights ​Op​en​s ARCH Academy’s n​ew 67-acre ​C​ampus

Cumberland Heights

Cumberland Heights is Here to Help These are trying times, especially for those effected by substance use disorder. Cumberland Heights is here for you and your loved ones and plans to continue to provide high-quality, lifesaving addiction treatment throughout the COVID-19 health crisis. We are committed to leading the battle against two very serious diseases: COVID-19, by doing everything possible to keep our campus protected, and addiction, by providing a continuum of care that meets patients every step of the way along their path to recovery. We Are and Will Remain Open Thanks to our dedicated and highly skilled staff, we’re adapting our programs to better accommodate the needs of those seeking treatment during these unprecedented times. Following a heightened screening process, we continue to admit patients to our residential treatment facilities. … Continue reading COVID-19 UPDATE – We Remain Open + Are Offering Telehealth

Cumberland Heights

Please see important message from our President & CEO To Cumberland Heights’ Alumni, Board Members and Friends: We want to share with you that Cumberland Heights is taking preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients, staff, alumni and community. Your well-being is our top priority. At this time, Cumberland Heights is unaffected by COVID-19. We are taking precautions to minimize exposure risk and are adhering to guidelines provided by the CDC including: Heightened screening process for all potential admissions according to CDC guidelines. Additional screening for visitors and limiting the number of guests. Increasing cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and frequently-touched surfaces such as door handles, railings and counter tops. Sharing COVID-19 prevention information to all employees and instructing staff to stay home if they are ill. Out … Continue reading An Update About Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Cumberland Heights

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NASHVILLE, TN JANUARY 22, 2020 – Cumberland Heights is proud to announce it has become the only addiction treatment center in the state of Tennessee to achieve the national Blue Distinction Center designation given by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The program recognizes providers that demonstrate expertise in delivering quality specialty care in a way that is safe, effective and cost efficient. The goal of the program, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield, is to help consumers find both higher quality and more affordable healthcare for their specialty care needs, while providing a credible foundation on which employers may customize their employee benefits. Designations are awarded based on criteria that support delivery of timely, coordinated, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based care with a focus on quality improvement and patient-centered care. The designation for … Continue reading FIRST ADDICTION TREATMENT FACILITY IN TENNESSEE TO RECEIVE BLUE DISTINCTION CENTER DESIGNATION

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NASHVILLE, TN DECEMBER 17, 2019 – Cumberland Heights is proud to announce it has become not only the first addiction treatment center in the state of Tennessee to achieve certification from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), but also one of the first in the nation. The ASAM Level of Care certification, created in partnership with CARF International (CARF), provides an independent, comprehensive assessment of an addiction treatment program’s capacity to deliver services consistent with Levels of Care described in The ASAM Criteria. The certification will help patients and payers identify treatment programs capable of delivering evidence-based care. “This certification really speaks to the quality of care Cumberland Heights has been providing for more than 53 years. Today, there are so many options when it comes to addiction … Continue reading CUMBERLAND HEIGHTS BECOMES FIRST ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER IN TENNESSEE TO BE ASAM CERTIFIED

Former Tennessee football coach Bill Battle was the keynote speaker at the Breakfast of Champions, a benefit for Arch Academy. Former Tennessee football coach Bill Battle was the keynote speaker at the Breakfast of Champions, a benefit for Arch Academy.

In 2008, Old Crow Medicine Show released a song that spotlighted an epidemic tearing across the cities and counties they called ‘Home’. Today, they want to help those who have been struggling with addiction to get the help they need. Therefore a portion of the single ‘Methamphetamine’ will go towards Cumberland Heights Treatment Center and they encourage you all to give whatever you can. Or you can simply text the word DONATE to 615-257-8666 to donate today right over your phone. Old Crow Medicine Show and Cumberland Heights thank you for your generosity. Check out a special conversation Critter from Old Crow Medicine Show has with Jay Crosson, Cumberland Heights CEO.

Todd M Podcast – Sobriety doesn’t make you happy. It removes the things that make you unhappy. Imagine your drug-addicted lifestyle being broadcast on national television. It happened to Todd M. on the popular A&E show “Intervention.” The season 16 episode followed Todd as he smoked meth and downed pills in his parent’s barn. The experience led him to Cumberland Heights where he now works with three years of sobriety under his belt. Hear how he felt watching that episode for the first time, and why the Californian decided to stick around Tennessee.

Original Article By: Seena Sleem, WTVF News Channel 5 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As “National Recovery Month” wraps up, people from across Nashville showed their support to those who have struggled with substance abuse. RecoveryFest Nashville was held on Saturday to celebrate the positive impact of recovery from substance abuse and giving recovery the visibility it deserves. “We need to recover out loud and events like this that bring recovery out in the open and helps break down stigma and shame of getting help is important,” said Cumberland Heights’ own Cindy Spelta, also co-chair of RecoveryFest Nashville, “there’s too many people suffering in silence so we don’t need recovery to be in silence.” Spelta has been recovering for 17 years. She said part of recovery is knowing you’re not alone, that there … Continue reading News Article: Healing without the stigma at RecoveryFest Nashville

Cumberland Heights

Alex H Podcast – Life actually has meaning to me now. Spending his early 20s in the restaurant industry meant late nights, free booze and social night caps. But as Alex explains, things got out of hand quickly and he found himself at Cumberland Heights. Fortunately, now in recovery, he’s able to use his talents as a chef to serve others fighting similar demons.

Story By: Rebecca Cardenas, WSMV News Channel 4 Posted On: Aug 21, 2019 Since 2000, the number of children being placed in foster care because their parents use drugs has more than doubled, according to new research by JAMA Pediatrics. “It just really hurts when the two people that are supposed to love you and care about you can’t really do that because they have a disease,” Brittany Hines, who knows that statistic firsthand, said. “I remember calling hospitals and jails and praying to God that she was in the hospital or in jail instead of just out using drugs and leaving us again,” she recalled. Her parents were both addicts. She lived with six families before she turned 18, when she got custody of her younger brother. “I did not ever … Continue reading News Article: Parents’ drug use lands more children in foster care

Cumberland Heights

Alexis H Podcast – I’m 100% grateful I’m an addict. When Alexis went to treatment the first time she decided she was going to prove everyone wrong and not take any suggestions. When that didn’t work the first or second time, she decided to finally take all the suggestions her third time in treatment. Now sober for 4.5 years, Alexis shares how recovery got her through her parents’ divorce, allowed her to experience true joy for the first time and made it possible for her to help other women who are struggling.

Recovery Live Podcasts Liz Stanislawski from Cumberland Heights sits down with a several key figures in recovery to discuss life and what sobriety means to them. Listen to podcasts on your Apple® iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android®, Mac/PC, Alexa smart speaker – and even in your car. For free! Episode 1: Travis Meadows Podcast – God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. Liz talks candidly with “Nashville’s Favorite Underdog” Travis Meadows about losing his brother at a young age, cancer, addiction and his treatment journal that inspired an album. Even with so much success, writing songs for Eric Church, Brothers Osborne and Wynonna Judd, Meadows says his biggest triumph is making it this far in his sobriety journey. Episode 2: Jaime G Podcast – Addiction is about isolation. Recovery … Continue reading Recovery Live Podcasts

Jaime G Podcast – Addiction is about isolation. Recovery is about connection. Liz sits down with Jaime Gibbons – Cumberland Heights’ Alumni Relations & Volunteer Coordinator – to talk about what 16 years of sobriety looks like and how engaging with friends in recovery kept Jaime clean. Also in this episode: relationships that make you sick, a spiritual awakening while free-falling 30 feet, and Jaime’s greatest triumph in recovery. Hint: It’s a person and he only stands about 2.5 feet tall.

Cumberland Heights

Travis Meadows Podcast – God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. Liz talks candidly with “Nashville’s Favorite Underdog” Travis Meadows about losing his brother at a young age, cancer, addiction and his treatment journal that inspired an album. Even with so much success, writing songs for Eric Church, Brothers Osborne and Wynonna Judd, Meadows says his biggest triumph is making it this far in his sobriety journey.

Cumberland Heights

View Previous Reports 2018 Annual Donor Report 2017 Annual Donor Report Dear Friends, Thank you for your gifts to Cumberland Heights in 2016. Your generosity enabled us to offer a foundation for recovery to those seeking our help. For more than 50 years, we’ve played a major role in helping build foundations and impacting lives for the thousands who have passed through our gate. We couldn’t have done it without the caring support of our community. With strong leadership from our Board and staff, we’ll continue to expand in the next 50 years, offering many more patients an opportunity to recover life. This donor report shares with you our achievements and recognizes those who partnered with us. Thank you for helping us build a place where many come to recover life…thank you … Continue reading 2016 Annual Donor Report

View Previous Reports 2017 Annual Donor Report 2016 Annual Donor Report Dear Friends, Gifts from generous donors like you make healing possible each year for hundreds of individuals and families who come to us to recover their lives from addiction. Your donations help us to enhance our services, provide patient assistance funding, improve our capital facilities and educate the community on the disease of addiction. In this report, we have highlighted a few of the experiential therapies we use in treatment. These non-traditional therapies give the counselors ways to meet the patients where they can best relate and express themselves. The counselors can then address repressed feelings and emotions and give the patients ways to face issues or triggers without turning to drugs and alcohol. Know that when a patient gets the … Continue reading 2018 Annual Donor Report

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