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Music Row (Downtown Nashville)

Choosing to get help for alcohol and drug addiction takes great courage. But when you choose Cumberland Heights, you can set your fears aside. We are the top intensive outpatient treatment center in Nashville, Tennessee, and we are ready to work with you to help you overcome your addiction and find long-term recovery. Our downtown Nashville location on Music Row is conveniently located and offers high-quality intensive outpatient treatment that fits your schedule.

Intensive Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Nashville, TN

Our Music Row facility is the downtown Nashville, Tennessee location of the Cumberland Heights Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Our IOP is a 12-step based outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program designed for individuals age 18 and above who may be in the early stages of dependency or are experiencing problems with alcohol or drug use.

  • We offer personalized assessment and treatment plans for each individual
  • We offer flexible treatment hours to work with your schedule

For more information regarding this location please visit our local Cumberland Heights downtown Nashville on Music Row Drug & Alcohol Treatment page or call our local office at (615) 356-2700 or our admissions line at (800) 646-9998.

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, combines the core components of full-time treatment with the flexibility of part-time scheduling. IOP participants attend regular therapy and treatment sessions at an outpatient facility, typically for a few hours per day, three to five days per week. Outside of their treatment hours, they are free to attend work or school, be with their family or pursue sober hobbies. These programs are often most appropriate for two types of patients: those whose addictions are not acute enough to require residential treatment, and those whose lifestyles prevent them from attending full-time care. At Cumberland Heights, our downtown Nashville IOP is designed for people whose needs and schedules vary. We work with every client to create an individualized recovery plan that treats the whole person, not just the addiction.

Prior to enrollment in our program, all patients complete the admissions process and go through a short orientation session, including a review of patient expectations, safety guidelines, and program components. During treatment, each patient works closely with their counselor/case manager in setting personal treatment goals and developing a custom treatment plan. The counselor coordinates and collaborates with referrals for any ancillary health, vocational or psychological needs the patient may have.

Our downtown Nashville, Music Row IOP is structured to include individual counseling, experiential learning groups, family education groups and group counseling. A range of topics will be discussed in treatment including, but not limited to, medical aspects of addiction, disease progression, family disease, spirituality, recovery tools and relapse prevention. Patients are oriented to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, and participation in local 12-Step support groups is required to complement and reinforce our programming. For patients with close family members, we strongly recommend participation our family program, which helps ensure a healthy sober home life and offers support for family members who have struggled to understand their loved one’s disease.

We ensure our patients’ compliance with abstinence for the duration of our outpatient program through random urine drug screens. A patient’s length of stay is usually 28 sessions, but this can be variable based upon the patient’s clinical needs and progress. Continuing care services, including onsite aftercare groups, are coordinated onsite for patients after completing the program.

Music Row outpatient services include:


Our trained clinical staff evaluates every patient upon admission and on an ongoing basis for the duration of the program. This allows us to ensure that our patients get the right kind of treatment for their needs, that their enrollment in our IOP makes sense for them at this stage of their recovery and that they make progress through treatment toward lasting recovery. We can help identify the severity of an addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders, and we can connect every individual with the right resources to get the help that is most appropriate for their needs and lifestyle.

Group Counseling

Community engagement and support is essential for recovery, in both the short and long term. Our outpatient programs incorporate group counseling to help our patients form bonds, practice interpersonal relationship skills, learn appropriate boundaries and discover the benefits of sharing their experiences with others. Group counseling may include a variety of therapeutic activities, from group process talk therapy to psychodrama and role-playing.

Family Counseling

A common phrase in the world of addiction treatment is that “addiction is a family disease” — in essence, this means that addiction does not only affect the individual who is struggling with substance abuse. The effects of addiction spread to those around them, whether the actions of the addicted individual intentionally or unintentionally hurt their loved ones or whether the loved ones themselves harbor negative emotions like anger, guilt or blame. Providing family counseling offers our patients and their families an opportunity to heal and move forward together.


  • Assessments conducted by trained clinical staff
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling

Our downtown Nashville on Music Row outpatient drug and alcohol abuse services are intended for individuals who:

  • Live or work in downtown Nashville, Music Row, Vanderbilt University Area, Belle Meade, West End, Berry Hill, Melrose, Oak Hill, Hillsboro-Woodmont, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Lipscomb, Woodland-in-Waverly, Belmont, Acklen Station, 12 South, or surrounding areas
  • Do not require medically supervised detoxification
  • Have a stable, supportive home and/or work environment
  • Are self-motivated

Mayor Megan Barry joined Cumberland Heights executives and other dignitaries for opening event

NASHVILLE, TENN. – Aug. 9, 2016 – Nashville-based alcohol and drug treatment center Cumberland Heights today officially opened its new Music Row Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) with an open house and ribbon cutting that included Mayor Megan Barry, musician John Hiatt and many other community leaders and supporters of Cumberland Heights.

IOPs offer alternatives to inpatient treatment for patients who seek daytime and evening counseling in order to continue with their schools or careers. IOPs offer flexible scheduling, group therapy, 12-Step meetings and specialized family therapy. The Music Row IOP is located at 1619  17th Ave. South.

“Cumberland Heights has a long history of working with members of the music industry, so it’s so great to finally be located here on Music Row,” said Cumberland Heights Chief Executive Officer Jay Crosson. “We are excited to be located so close the music, collegiate and Downtown Nashville communities, making this type of treatment as accessible as possible to those that might need it. Cumberland Heights is known for recovery, and Nashville is known for music, so this is a natural location for us.”

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry also spoke briefly at the opening event. “I want to thank the entire staff of Cumberland Heights for all the good work that they do for people who are overcoming addiction and regaining control of their lives,” said Mayor Barry.  “This facility is such an important component of how we go about building a warm and welcoming place and serving our community. Thanks to Cumberland Heights and the Boedecker Foundation for making all of this possible.”

George Boedecker, who originally came to Nashville years ago to “do music,” created the Boedecker Foundation that purchased and renovated the Music Row building for Cumberland Heights, making this new IOP possible.

“The mission of The Boedecker Foundation is to provide critical resources to nonprofit organizations that inspire positive change within diverse communities around the world,” said Boedecker. “It is such an honor and a privilege to be partnering with Cumberland Heights and their Intensive Outpatient Therapy Services at this location.  We look forward to a long-lasting and impactful relationship.”

Since its founding in 1966, Cumberland Heights has built a reputation for helping many music industry professionals recover life from drug and alcohol addiction. The Music Row IOP places a 12 step-based rehabilitative program nearer those who need it most and affords more flexible care for those who do not require the medical detoxification that requires inpatient care.

The Music Row IOP is Cumberland Heights’ tenth outpatient facility in Tennessee and the first in the central part of Nashville. The organization opened its first IOP in 1987.

Photos from the grand opening

Introdution by Jay Crosson, CEO of Cumberland Heights, and speech from Mayor Megan Barry

Introdution by Jay Crosson, CEO of Cumberland Heights, and speech from Mayor Megan Barry

About Cumberland Heights

Cumberland Heights’ mission is to transform lives, giving hope and healing to those affected by alcohol or drug addiction. As a non-profit organization, Cumberland Heights is committed to the approximately 2,500 men, women and adolescents it serves every year and the communities where its facilities are located. The organization has followed the teachings of the 12 Steps since its founding in 1966.

About the Boedecker Foundation

The Boedecker Foundation aspires to encourage positive outcomes through programs focused on education, health and wellness, youth development, along with family and community collaboration. At the central and innermost framework of The Boedecker Foundation’s endowments are partnerships and enduring relationships with organizations like Cumberland Heights, that have committed extensive resources to improve environmental circumstances, provide access to healthcare programs, and create opportunities for individuals, their families and communities in which they live. Through these guiding principles our Foundation has distributed over 28 million dollars to organizations in Tennessee and all across the nation.

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Cumberland Heights board members and staff hold commemorative coins to celebrate Cumberland Heights’ 50th anniversary.
Cumberland Heights board members and staff hold commemorative coins to celebrate Cumberland Heights’ 50th anniversary.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center Cumberland Heights has had a longstanding relationship with the Nashville music industry. However, the non-profit organization has never had a facility on Music Row. That will change in May when Cumberland Heights opens its first Music Row intensive outpatient facility (IOP), to be located at 1619 17th Ave. South.

The IOP treatment program is designed for individuals who have completed or do not require medically-supervised detoxification.

Cumberland Heights also offers a professional musicians track, which combines traditional treatment with specialized components geared toward professional musicians. Musicians learn how the disease effects their profession, and how to surround themselves with a support system for recovery. The Music Row IOP will also be available to work with people who live and work near Music Row. This includes the collegiate recovery community as well as the many business people working downtown who would find this IOP convenient to them in their recovery.

The opening will mean a total of 10 locations available to help communities in Tennessee. Cumberland Heights has IOP facilities in Chattanooga, Cool Springs, Crossville, Hermitage/Old Hickory, Jackson, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Sumner County (Gallatin), in Nashville on River Road and soon Music Row.

PeytonHoge photos-006 copyAdditionally, Cumberland Heights will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.

“We are honored and proud to have been a trusted provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment for five decades,” said Jay Crosson, CEO of Cumberland Heights. “Fifty years of experience brings us so many positive examples of helping patients and their families – we hope to be able to share some of these with the community throughout the year.”

During a celebration party, staff and board members received 50th anniversary commemorative coins modeled after “sober coins” that are used during recovery.

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