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Cumberland Heights Among the Few Centers Approved for Google AdWords Program and Welcomes New Screening Process for Treatment Industry

Google Sets Limits on Addiction Treatment Ads, Citing SafetyCumberland Heights is among the first 100 treatment centers nationwide approved to participate in a new Google AdWords program designed to stop unethical marketing that had been plaguing the industry before now.

“I commend Google for recognizing that vulnerable individuals and families were being targeted and taken advantage of by several online marketers,” said Cumberland Heights CEO Jay Crosson. “The new AdWords program recognizes treatment centers like Cumberland Heights that focus on quality care, ethical marketing and helping patients recover life.”

Last fall, in an effort to protect the public from possibly unethical marketing practices, Google banned all ads containing keywords like “drug treatment” or “alcohol addiction.” Predatory marketers that did not provide any treatment services had mastered collecting online leads and selling them to the highest bidder to the detriment of legitimate treatment providers nationwide – and likely to many people who were seeking qualified help. Stopping these practices had become a top priority for industry organizations like the National Association of the Addiction Treatment Professionals (NAATP).

In Spring 2018, Google announced that it partnered with LegitScripts to screen providers that want to advertise using AdWords. To be approved under the new program, treatment providers had to complete an extensive review process focused on quality, safety and transparency.

“The process was onerous but welcome,” said Crosson, who also chairs NAATP’s Ethics Committee. “Online marketing has changed and will continue to change how we reach people who need help. What has not changed and will never change is the need to respect patients and provide them the best possible care to them and their families.”

Read more about Cumberland Heights Code of Ethics and our commitment to reputable marketing.

Meaningful Engagement with the Substance Abusing Adolescent Male

DATE: June 29, 2018
LOCATION: The Dilworth Center — 2240 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28203
TIME: 8:30AM – 3:00PM

PRESENTED BY: Cumberland Heights
Dean Porterfield, LPC, MHSP, NCC
Cole Szabo, CPRS

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This presentation will focus on how to best engage adolescent males and young men who suffer from primary substance abuse diagnosis and co-occurring issue within a therapeutic context. Research driven approaches and techniques will be explored and applied to direct service delivery. Adolescent development issues, including exploration of the developing adolescent male brain, social influences and family systems will be considered. These modalities taught will be multi-sensory focused, explaining how such approaches as Impact Therapy, kinetic engagement and experiential exercises lead to enhanced comprehension of traditional therapeutic skills and techniques. This presentation will provide demonstrations on how to effectively incorporate the 12-step philosophy, CBT, Transactional Analysis, family systems and other proven strategies into the adolescent’s treatment experience.


  • Participants will be able to identify the developmental issues that need to be considered when providing treatment to the adolescent male.
  • Identify how brain development impacts the adolescent male treatment experience.
  • Participants will learn effective strategies to increase comprehension of skills taught.
  • Participants will better understand the statistics and trends that lead these young men to seek treatment.
  • Participants will learn how to integrate the 12-step philosophy to traditional therapeutic approaches.

    8:30AM – 9:00AM — Registration

    9:00AM – 10:15AM — Meaningful Engagement with the Substance Abusing Adolescent Male

    10:15AM – 10:30AM — BREAK

    10:30AM – 11:30AM — Meaningful Engagement (cont.)

    11:30AM – 1:00PM — LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

    1:00PM – 2:45PM — Meaningful Engagement (cont.)

    2:45PM – 3:00PM — Workshop Wrap-up

    Dean Porterfield, LPC, MHSP, NCC – Director of Adolescent Services, Cumberland Heights
    Dean Porterfield currently serves as the Director of the Adolescent Program at Cumberland Heights and also overseeing the program development of the new adolescent recovery center ARCH Academy in which he will serve as Executive Director. Dean joined the Cumberland Heights team in 2010.

    Dean has served as Executive Director of an outdoor therapeutic program for adolescent’s male for over 10 years. He also is owner of Do Life! Counseling and Consulting, PLLC where he specializes in treating adolescents and young adults. Dean also has served on the Board of Director of NATSAP (National Board of Therapeutic Schools and Programs), and frequently presents at national, regional and local conferences. Dean is also an approved LPC clinical supervisor.

    Cole Szabo, CPRS – Adolescent Specialist, Cumberland Heights
    Cole Szabo currently serves as the Adolescent Specialist at Cumberland Heights. Cole developed programming for the Extended Care Program, for which he oversees. Cole has also been instrumental in program development of the new Cumberland Heights Adolescent Recovery Center, ARCH Academy, opening in Spring of 2019. Cole joined the Cumberland Heights team in 2013.

    Cole has also served as a Clinical Associate in the Men’s program and Young Men’s Program before advancing to the Team Leader Role in the Young Men’s program. Cole was instrumental in establishing specialized treatment for this population. Cole is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and is in pursuit of his LADAC.

PEGRAM, Tenn. (WKRN) – Jay Crosson has a big vision.

He’s CEO of Cumberland Heights, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Nashville.

Next summer, the nonprofit plans to turn a 67-acre plot of land into a recovery center for teen boys called ARCH Academy.

“They’re progressing into substances that can kill them really quick,” Crosson said. “We really need that intervention to break that cycle of addiction.”

ARCH Academy will offer a six-month recovery program for boys ages 14 to 18 battling addiction.

“We want these kids to graduate high school,” he said. “We want them to go to college.”

Up to 30 teens will live on campus which will be designed will three residence halls, a school, dining hall, and counseling room where they’ll work with therapists like Dean Porterfield.

“Anxiety, depression, trauma, we treat the whole child,” said Porterfield, director of adolescent services for Cumberland Heights.

Porterfield says about 57 percent of the teens they treat are addicted to marijuana. 10 percent are addicted to cocaine, five percent to heroin or opiates, and about 29 percent to a mix of drugs.

“It’s not uncommon for that teenager’s first experience to be at 10, 12, 13 years old,” Porterfield said.

The goal of the new center is to go more in-depth with teens, offering six months of help instead of the current program which is one to two months long.

“If we can get a longer length of stay, we can get a more solid recovery,” Crosson said.

The nonprofit will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the teen center on Thursday, April 26.

They hope to have it up and running by summer 2019.

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