Adolescent Extended Care

The Adolescent Extended Care community resides at the main campus on River Road. Adolescents continue to build your 12-Step knowledge and recovery skills

Getting into recovery as a teen is a wonderful and challenging thing. The brain of a teenager is particularly vulnerable to alcohol and drugs, still developing and without the total myelin sheath which will eventually protect it all. The normal course of how a teen develops means they don’t naturally think in abstract terms or about long term consequences. This means recovery takes more time for a teenager. That’s where the Adolescent Extended Care Community is beneficial.

The Adolescent Extended Care Community resides at the main campus on River Road. You and your family will continue to build your 12-Step knowledge and recovery skills gained during primary care treatment. Our trained staff works with you or your loved one to establish basic patterns of daily living including the necessary actions to protect and continue recovery. You will learn from experience about trusting others, acting and speaking on your own behalf allowing others to hear and respond. Most importantly, you learn freedom and accountability go together and create independence.

So what about school? We know that’s key for teens and we aim to set up for success. River Road Academy is our fully licensed high school, staffed by a qualified special education teacher, with a passion for helping teens in recovery. Here we’ll help you or your loved one reconnect with a passion for learning. We also work with GED preparation as well.

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