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You may be amazed at what you can create and learn from this experience

Cumberland Heights Art Therapy

Explore your feelings or a particular topic through the use of art!
Explore your feelings through the use of art!

Our Art Therapist may facilitate a group or individual session in which you’re assisted to explore your feelings or a particular topic through the use of different art media and the creative process.  You may be amazed at what you can create and learn from this experience. Art therapy is useful to people undergoing addiction treatment because it provides them with ways to understand and cope with their addiction. In addition, it’s not necessarily easy for everyone to discuss or even articulate what they are feeling. This is what makes art therapy so effective during addiction treatment. There is no need to verbalize painful thoughts or struggle to find the right words to describe feelings. Rather, art therapy eliminates these obstacles and allows recovering addicts to express their inner issues and emotions in a visual manner.

In recent years art therapy has been one of Cumberland Heights’ fastest growing forms of expressive therapy. Art therapy is a type of expressive therapy which utilizes artistic expression to process thoughts and feelings. It’s especially useful for people in addiction treatment.

“Art therapy can be a great way for a person to work through their experiences, emotions and issues which led to and worsened their addiction,” said Rebecca Sledge, LPC-MHSP, ATR.

Sledge, Cumberland Heights Clinical Coordinator of Expressive Therapy and Art Therapist, recently shared a great blog post on the 3 benefits of Art Therapy.

The participant is able to draw parallels and metaphors from their experience then transfer it to practical application to their recovery journey.
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