Still Waters for Women

Still Waters for Women

Cumberland Heights is proud to offer Still Waters: a strong, spiritually based 12-Step Immersion Program for Women.

About Our Still Waters Women Program

Still Waters For Women, located in Pegram, Tennessee, is a 12- Step immersion retreat for those ages 18 and up. At Still Waters, principles of the 12-Steps of recovery are taught using approved literature, fellowship, group discussions, lectures and 12 Step meetings.

In addition to learning about the disease of addiction, recovery and relapse, Still Waters emphasizes spiritual principles associated with each of the 12 Steps. Cumberland Heights’ Pastoral Services provides monthly programs for residents. This additional emphasis on spiritual principles separates the Still Waters program from others.

While at Still Waters residents will complete the first seven steps of recovery. Residents will also build their own library of recovery literature based on assigned readings and study involving AA text, NA basic text, and the 12 Steps and Twelve Traditions.

Location and Accommodation

Still Waters is a renovated private residence which sits on 26 acres in rural Pegram, Tennessee.   Our facilities include semi-private rooms for residents, offices, meeting rooms and housing for counseling staff. Residents live in group fellowship with peer counselors, allowing friendships to develop into a supportive recovery community.

Still Waters Women – A 12-Step Immersion Recovery Program located in Pegram Tennessee


Still Waters can serve as an alternative to, or can follow, primary or extended care programs. Still Waters is also particularly useful for those who have had multiple treatment experiences. Stays are typically 30-90 days, but may last up to nine months.

Those interested will take with qualified staff to determine if Still Waters Women is right for them. If you’re not a fit, our staff will provide you with alternative care options.

All Still Waters residents must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Willing to follow program rules
  • Motivated for recovery
  • Currently alcohol and drug free
  • Medically and psychologically stable

Still Waters Cost and Payment Options

Still Waters can serve as an alternative to, or can follow, primary or extended care programs, based on assessment. Still Waters is also particularly useful for persons who have had multiple treatment experiences. Residents live in group fellowship with counseling staff, allowing friendships to develop into a true, supportive community.


Cumberland Heights also offers a 12 -Step immersion program that can be used as an alternative to, or follow, primary treatment to heighten an individual’s recovery from 30 days up to  nine months. All Still Waters programs are on a self-pay basis as they no longer meet insurance criteria for an inpatient level of care, and we are not contracted with any insurance providers for this service. To learn more about the Still Waters Women program, please visit their the Still Waters Women website.


Residential (30 Days): $9,600.00

Transitions Residential (30 Days): $10,800

Recovery Coaching (6 Months): $4,000

The Family Program

The Family Program encourages family members and loved ones to further explore how their lives have been personally affected by the disease of addiction. Through monthly family meetings and weekly visitations, Still Waters begins the healing process for families and loved ones, while helping them get started on their own journey of recovery using the 12 Steps of Al-Anon.

A Typical Day at Still Waters

7 a.m. Morning Meditation Group All residents participate in reading from the AA Big Book and morning devotionals then set goals for the day
7:45 a.m. Breakfast
9 a.m. Step Presentation and Discussion Group Counselor led discussion on individual resident’s step work. All residents required to participate and provide feedback
11 a.m. Personal Time
12 p.m. Lunch
1 p.m. Step Presentations / 12 & 12 Group / AA Speaker Meeting / NA Book Study Residents present their step work with a counselor led discussion to learn about recovery issues such as the disease concept, recovery and relapse
4 p.m. Personal Time
5 p.m. Dinner
6 p.m. In House Group Meeting or Outside AA/NA Meeting The community travels to a local area 12 step community meeting or 12 step activity
9 p.m. Accountability Group

Effective, Discreet Addiction Treatment

Recovery takes time. Research shows that the more time someone invests in addiction treatment, the more likely they are to remain substance-free. Call 800-646-9998 to learn more about Still Waters.