Family Care

Family Care

Cumberland Heights recognizes that addiction is a family disease, and part of the recovery process is family healing. Our program helps families set boundaries, process feelings and work through pain.

Family Care Recovery Programs

Family Services

Your loved one has been struggling with alcohol and drug problems. You may have been struggling along with them—maybe feeling confusion, sadness, frustration, and sometimes despair. We understand. We’ve been there. At Cumberland Heights, we believe that addiction is a disease that affects families across generations. The good news is that recovery does the same thing. Everyone in the family is essential for recovery. Each individual family member deserves to have their own healing from the pain that addiction causes. We offer opportunities for healing through our family workshops and groups in which families come together to learn and heal. These are offered virtually and in person. We also offer periodic children’s “camps” to help those ages six to 12 understand and heal from the disease as well. Our 50+ years of experience with one of the first family programs in the Southeast have shown us that family participation increases the changes of recovery for everyone. Please make it a priority to join us and change the life of your loved one and your own!

Cumberland Heights Family Care offers multiple options for those impacted by a loved one’s active addiction. With a valid release of information signed by your patient, the family care team will reach out to you to get you scheduled for family services.

If you are interested in attending one of these programs, please contact Cumberland Heights Family Care at 615-432-3191 or you may email Kristy Roll, Family Care Services Director, at

Loved ones of a person struggling with addiction come into the Family Program with mixed emotions. It’s normal to feel angry, hurt, frustrated, sad or even numb. Counselors will work with your family to identify those feelings, express them, and guide you on a path to healing.

Please call our Family Care Department at 615-432-3191 if you’d like to inquire about scheduling your Family Education Program.

Here’s a listing of all services we provide to families:

  1. Family Program
  2. Individual Family Sessions
  3. Family Aftercare
  4. Still Waters Family Program
  5. Outpatient Recovery Center Family Program
Family Addiction Treatment

The Cumberland Heights family program helps parents, siblings, and children of addicts to more fully understand their loved one’s struggle. Call 800-646-9998 to learn more about our treatment options.