Conversations with Cumberland Heights

Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights sits down with key figures in recovery to discuss life, sobriety, and much more!

Conversations with Cumberland Heights

Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights sits down with key figures in recovery to discuss life, sobriety, and much more!

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1 Jul 2024

Finding Freedom: A Journey of Hope and Recovery

Episode 24: Join Dr. Nick Hayes on "Conversations with Cumberland Heights," where Steve Lee shares his personal journey from addiction to recovery. With over a decade in addiction treatment, Steve emphasizes the crucial role of personal connections in healing. Gain insights into addiction treatment and witness the resilience that...

17 Jun 2024

Critical Elements of Effective Youth Treatment Programs

Episode 23: In this episode, Dr. Nick Hayes and Laura Ezell discuss the critical elements of effective youth treatment programs. They emphasize the importance of being fully staffed and adhering to state regulations to ensure high-quality care. The conversation highlights the need for robust feedback loops within organizations to...

3 Jun 2024

Healing from Addiction with Accountability and Community

Episode 22: In this episode, Dr. Nick Hayes interviews Jaime Gibbons, who shares her journey of overcoming addiction through community support and accountability. Jaime emphasizes the crucial role that supportive programs and peer networks played in her recovery process. Dr. Hayes and Jaime discuss the importance of connection and...

20 May 2024

Understanding Adolescent Addiction & SUD Treatment

Episode 21: In this podcast episode, Dr. Nick Hayes and guest Kenny Davis discuss the common issues faced by adolescents at Arch Academy, particularly focusing on addiction and mental health diagnoses like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. They explore how removing substances reveals underlying behaviors and emotions, emphasizing the importance...

6 May 2024

Pathways to Healing: The Admissions Journey with Robin & Todd

Episode 20: Robin and Todd are longtime Cumberland Heights employees with their own recovery journeys. In this episode, they share their insights on the process of getting a patient into addiction treatment. Together, they explore the various pathways individuals take on their journey towards healing from addiction. Through their...

22 Apr 2024

Surrendering to Find Faith, Family & Freedom with Tayla Lynn

Episode 19: In this episode, Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with country music icon Tayla Lynn and delves into her story of battling addiction in the spotlight. Through a candid interview and reflections, they explore the highs and lows of fame, the pressures of success, and the path to...

8 Apr 2024

Re-Aligning Life through Onsite Workshops with Jim Geckler

Episode 18: In this episode, we're joined by Jim Geckler, Chief Operating Officer of Onsite Workshops. Jim shares insights into the unique programs offered by Onsite, including their milestones program for residential trauma recovery and their experiential workshops, which have been transforming lives for over 40 years. From their...

25 Mar 2024

A Humble Approach to Treating Addiction with Gary Fisher

Episode 17: On this episode, Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with Gary Fisher, a distinguished figure in the addiction treatment center industry, as they explore his humble approach and rich history within the field. Through insightful discussions, Gary shares stories from his introduction into the field, his own recovery,...

11 Mar 2024

Lessons in Recovery with the Cumberland Heights CEO

Episode 16: Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with Cumberland Heights CEO Jay Crosson. Jay began his career with Cumberland Heights in 1993 and accepted his role as Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Prior to becoming CEO, Jay was the Chief Financial Officer for the organization. In this episode, Nick...

26 Feb 2024

Wisdom from a Recovery Sage

Episode 15: Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with Cumberland Heights legend and recovery industry hero, Walt Quinn. Walt is a man of much history, sharing stories from his many years of influence in the field. You'll hear about his time working the Ice Capades to launching the first ever...

12 Feb 2024

Battling Addiction on the Road and Restoring the Family

Episode 14: Join Dr. Nick Hayes as he dives deep with musician, father, husband, and long-time Nashville resident Jamie Johnson. Jamie gives us an in-depth look into what it was like battling addiction while on the road with some of Nashville’s most influential musicians. He recalls the moment he...

23 Oct 2023

Committing To Recovery & Mental Health with Jason Wahler

Episode 13: Dr. Nick Hayes welcomes Nashville local and TV personality Jason Wahler to this week’s podcast. Best known for his appearances on MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills, Jason has a long, yet redemptive story of recovery. With the unique nature of publicly battling addiction in the spotlight, Jason’s...