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Cumberland Heights Podcast

Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights sits down with key figures in recovery to discuss life, sobriety, and much more!

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Episode 13:

Jason Wahler

Episode 13 – Dr. Nick Hayes welcomes Nashville local and TV personality Jason Wahler to this week’s podcast. Best known for his appearances on MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills, Jason has a long, yet redemptive story of recovery. With the unique nature of publicly battling addiction in the spotlight, Jason’s road to recovery wasn’t easy. Listen in to learn more about Jason’s story of addiction, what it was like towing the line between self-esteem and ego, what the turning point was in his recovery, how he is actively advocating for those in the recovery community, and what Jason is up to now in his new home of Tennessee.

Episode 12:

Jeff Jarrett

Episode 12 – Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with Hall of Fame wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett. Known for his illustrious career in the ring, Jeff talks about how he got started in the family business of sports entertainment and opens up about his personal battle with addiction and his path to sobriety. Listeners will hear firsthand how Jeff’s wrestling mentality of resilience and determination translated into his recovery journey. Jeff shares the pivotal moments that led him to seek help and the importance of never giving up, no matter how tough the fight. Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of Jeff Jarrett, proving that even in the most challenging bouts of life, recovery is not just possible but a triumphant victory.

Episode 11:

Nikki Soda

Episode 11 – Dr. Nick Hayes welcomes Nikki Soda, Membership Officer for the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), to discuss behavioral heath, conferences, ethics in addiction treatment, using data to improve treatment practices, the evolution of treatment, dangers and benefits of social media, basketball, and much more!

Episode 10:

Casey Hyatt

Episode 10 – Alumni Coordinator Casey Hyatt joins the podcast sharing stories of his role at Cumberland Heights, his own addiction and recovery, building connection and community, and much more!

Episode 9:

Patrick Custer

Episode 9 – Dr. Nick Hayes welcomes Patrick Custer host of the Rooted Recovery Stories podcast and Communications Liaison and National Director of Alumni at Promises Behavioral Health. Patrick shares stories about how and why he began podcasting, his addiction and recovery, his experience of working at Cumberland Heights, surviving his worst fear coming true, and more!

Episode 8:

Jeff Wilson and Travis Hupp

Episode 8 – On this episode Nick Hayes welcomes Cumberland Heights very own Clinical Director of Young Men’s department, Jeff Wilson, and Clinical Director of Milieu Management, Travis Hupp. Jeff and Travis discuss their personal experiences with addiction and recovery, how they became best friends, creating an atmosphere for recovery, and much more!

Episode 7:

Paul Citro Podcast

Episode 7 – On this episode, Nick Hayes welcomes Paul Citro to the podcast. Paul shares stories from his more than 40 years working at Cumberland Heights.

Episode 6:

Jason Schneidman Podcast

Episode 6 – Dr. Nick Hayes and  @themensgroomer  Jason Schneidman talk about life, helping others, addiction, recovery, homelessness, self care, hair, and much more!

Episode 5:

Eating Disorders: Claire Fierman & Katie White

Episode 5 – Dr. Nick Hayes welcomes Claire Fierman and Katie White from A Center For Eating Disorders to the podcast for a conversation about eating disorders, treatment, health, wellness, recovery, addiction, social media, education, and much more

Episode 4:

Nico Doorn

Episode 4 – Dr. Nick Hayes welcomes his close friend and Executive Director and Co-Founder of Alpha Behavior Health Nico Doorn to this week’s podcast to chat about walking through recovery together, personal motivation, mental health awareness, and more!

Episode 3:

Ruth Ann Rigby

Episode 3 Dr. Nick Hayes and Ruth Ann Rigby talk about growing up in Mississippi, SCUBA diving, ponies, first responders, recovery, and much more.

Episode 2:

Still Waters, Heath Chitwood and Alexis Salyer

Episode 2 of the Cumberland Heights Podcast features Heath Chitwood and Alexis Salyer of Still Waters 12-Step Immersion programs along with host and Cumberland Heights’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Nick Hayes.

Episode 1:

Structured Family Recovery, Debra Jay

For our debut episode, Dr. Nick Hayes, Chief Science Officer at Cumberland Heights, welcomes author, speaker, and addiction specialist Debra Jay to our new River Road podcast studio. She tells us more about the Structured Family Therapy program she developed, debunks myths we often believe about recovery, and shares her personal experience attending an Al-Anon meeting for the first time.