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Cumberland Heights Podcast

Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights sits down with key figures in recovery to discuss life, sobriety, and much more!

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Episode 1:

Structured Family Recovery, Debra Jay

For our debut episode, Dr. Nick Hayes, Chief Science Officer at Cumberland Heights, welcomes author, speaker, and addiction specialist Debra Jay to our new River Road podcast studio. She tells us more about the Structured Family Therapy program she developed, debunks myths we often believe about recovery, and shares her personal experience attending an Al-Anon meeting for the first time.

Episode 2:

Still Waters, Heath Chitwood and Alexis Salyer

Episode 2 of the Cumberland Heights Podcast features Heath Chitwood and Alexis Salyer of Still Waters 12-Step Immersion programs along with host and Cumberland Heights’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Nick Hayes.

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