Extended Care

Extended Care

Recovery is about what you do every day. The Men’s Extended Care Community gives you a safe place to practice recovery with a group of men who support you.

What is Extended Care?

Extended care is a transitional level of care that fits between full-time treatment and independent life. These programs typically last between 30 and 90 days, giving you more time than traditional inpatient programs to develop a deeper understanding of recovery principles to use in everyday life. Extended care provides added support as you leave full-time treatment, maintaining the structure and accountability of a treatment center while giving you more independence to practice their recovery skills on your own.

By living in an off-campus home with other like-minded guys, you get the chance to practice daily living skills such as learning to manage your time and your finances. You also get to practice daily recovery skills as you negotiate living in community together. Integration into the Twelve Step community through Zoom meetings and sponsorship calls, as well as continued Step work, help you prepare for your ongoing recovery community after you leave the Men’s Extended Care Community.

You’ll also return to our main campus on River Road Monday through Friday to continue individual, group, and experiential therapies.This gives you a sense of continuity important in early recovery and allows you to further explore issues and challenges you worked on earlier, including more work with your family as needed. Planning for your next step on the journey of recovery is also a key part of the Men’s Extended Care Community. This involves where you will live and work, as well as how you will practically manage situations in your life that could challenge your recovery. You will have a plan tailored to you when you leave and a community of friends with whom you have made lasting bonds.

Living a life remission from addiction

Who Benefits from Extended Care?

Extended care can be an option for anyone who is preparing to leave full-time treatment but is unsure of their next steps. In particular, it may be recommended for individuals who:

  • Participated in a shorter residential or full-time outpatient program
  • Have been struggling with addiction for a long time
  • Were struggling with a particularly intense addiction
  • Have a history of relapse
  • Do not have a stable or supportive home life to return to
  • Are returning home to a family that is still working through therapy
  • Are returning to a high-pressure environment like school or a stressful job

Extended care can provide regularly scheduled therapy sessions, continued therapy with familiar providers, a safe space to practice recovery skills and more. This level of care is ideal for boosting individuals confidence in their ability to live a sober life and for easing the often abrupt transition from full-time treatment to independent living.

If you or your loved one is preparing to leave a residential program and you are unsure if extended care might be right for them, please ask us about our extended care options. We can evaluate your needs and determine whether extended care is appropriate for you at this time.

Learn More About Extended Care

If you or your loved one may be in need of extended care in Tennessee, or any of the other recovery services we offer, please reach out to Cumberland Heights today. Feel free to contact us today or call 800-646-9998 to get started.