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compulsive behaviors in recovery
20 Jul 2021

Compulsive Behaviors in Recovery

Individuals who have overcome a substance use disorder should be incredibly proud of their accomplishments. However, this doesn’t mean they are out of the woods yet. Research shows that in rare cases, it is possible for people to pick up compulsive behaviors in recovery. These actions may seem healthy...

delta 8 thc
14 Jul 2021

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

Every few years, a newly legal substance will become a topic of national conversation. Drugs billed as “herbal alternatives,” like K2, Spice, kratom and Salvia Divinorum, are all well known by the general public. However, just because these substances are legal (for now) does not mean they are safe....

why is fentanyl so addictive
7 Jul 2021

Why is Fentanyl So Addictive?

Fentanyl is a rising epidemic in Tennessee – this highly addictive drug is the leading cause of overdose deaths in our state. Just yesterday, a Nashville woman was arrested for murder after supplying a man with a fatal dose of fentanyl-laced heroin. What exactly makes fentanyl so dangerous, and...

The Serenity Prayer
4 Jul 2021

Sunday Sermon: The Serenity Prayer

Michelle breaks down the Serenity Prayer. She says for many patients, the hardest part for them is the past. The Serenity Prayer helps us to accept the things we cannot change, and the past is one of those things.  

medication-assisted treatment
29 Jun 2021

Medication-Assisted Treatment: What You Should Know

Opioid addiction significantly changes the brain. If a person has become dependent on these drugs, they may experience severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms upon sudden cessation of opioids. Those who participate in medication-assisted treatment are able to manage their symptoms while gradually recovering from opioid use disorder. Read today’s...

Turn our lives over to the care of God
27 Jun 2021

Sunday Sermon: Step 3

Guest Alan Whitley leads the Sunday Sermon talking about Step 3. This step is so freeing to many who struggle with the disease of addiction. Finally, they are able to let go of what they tried to control for so long and gave it over to the care of...

things to do instead of drinking
21 Jun 2021

Things to Do Instead of Drinking

Looking for New Things to Do Instead of Drinking? When you get sober and pursue a life in recovery, you’ll notice there seem to be many more hours in the day. The time you once allocated to finding, using and recovering from alcohol will now be freed up for other...

20 Jun 2021

Sunday Sermon: Enlightenment

First of all, we want to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day. We also send peace and love to those who are hurting today - whether their father has passed away, they have a strained relationship with their father, or the long to be a...

what are the 17 symptoms of PTSD?
14 Jun 2021

What are the 17 Symptoms of PTSD?

What are the 17 Symptoms of PTSD? Life is unpredictable. Unfortunately, for many of us, that means that grief and trauma can arise at any time. When a person is exposed to danger, violence, illness or the threat of injury, they can potentially carry that trauma with them for years...

Fellowship of the spirit
13 Jun 2021

Sunday Sermon: The Fellowship of the Spirit

Sharing joys and concerns is a great way to build community and make people feel supported and welcome. When you share a joy it multiplies, and when you share something that is heavy on your heart, it lightens that load at least by half.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month
8 Jun 2021

Pride Month: Addiction and the LGBTQ+ Community

It’s Pride Month! Each year, June serves as a time for reflection and action. We ask you to join us as we celebrate, support and honor the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer members of our society. Today, we’d like to discuss the impact of substance abuse on the...

How Does Spirituality Fit into Recovery?
6 Jun 2021

Sunday Sermon: Humility and Spiritual Growth

Spirituality is not just for us in moments of life when things are going really well or when we're in a lot of pain.  Spirituality is meant to be practiced all the time. God is with us in the moments we feel chaos, disorder and struggles but God is...

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