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16 Feb 2024

The Story & Meaning Behind the Cumberland Heights Archway

The road to Cumberland Heights is one of beauty, tranquility, and healing. As you make your way down River Road, a winding road through the foliage-rich landscape bordering the Cumberland River in Nashville, you’ll quickly find yourself forgetting the hustle of the city. Just a few miles down the...

30 Jan 2024

Weighing the Benefits of Telehealth in Addiction Treatment

What’s your go-to Zoom background? A lush green space, minimalistic office setting, or your very own living room (we’re not judging if it’s a mess)? Prior to 2020, Zoom and other video-technology platforms were a rarity. The Covid-19 pandemic brought a whole new world of technology into our lives, leading...

19 Jan 2024

The Power of Recreation Therapy in Addiction Recovery

We’re willing to bet you’ve heard the phrase “new year, new you” at some point, especially as you approached the new year or thought of setting personal resolutions. Has it gotten old yet? As we kick off the new year, many of us find ourselves either already reaching the end...

21 Dec 2023

The Holiday Season in Recovery: Tips for Staying Sober

Happiness and cheer. These two simple words introduce the tune that most associate with the 1965 Charlie Brown holiday special. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? For most, the holiday season is full of things that bring us joy and peace. From the bright lights and holiday decorations to cozy family and...

20 Sep 2023

National Addiction Professionals Day: A Note of Appreciation

Today, on September 20, we celebrate National Addiction Professionals Day. Cumberland Heights is joining the movement and celebrating vital players in the continuum of care – our addiction professionals. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to recognize the importance of addiction awareness and the efforts addiction professionals...

30 Aug 2023

Overdose Awareness Day: Honoring Lives, Saving Futures

  Today we observe International Overdose Awareness Day, which serves as a solemn reminder of the devastating impact of drug overdoses in the lives of our families and communities. At Cumberland Heights, we seek to raise awareness about the prevalence of overdose deaths, honor lives that have been lost due...

person-centered therapy
23 May 2023

The Principles of Person-Centered Therapy

In the 1940s, Carl Rogers pioneered person-centered therapy. This notion represented a radical departure from the leading behavioral and psychoanalytic techniques of that time. Rogers’ method emphasizes using listening, empathy and acceptance in therapy to help clients maximize their full potential. If you are looking for an effective humanistic...

solvent abuse
17 May 2023

Understanding Solvent Abuse

You may keep household essentials like hair spray, paint thinner and nail polish remover in your bathroom or garage without ever considering their potential for abuse. Unfortunately, these solvents pose many risks to people who are willing to experiment with them. How Does Solvent Abuse Begin? Teenagers often try inhalants before...

anxiety coping skills
9 May 2023

10 Coping Skills for Anxiety

Life can get stressful, and everyone occasionally experiences anxiety. However, people living with anxiety disorders struggle with excessive, ongoing or unrealistic worries that are out of proportion to their circumstances. If you don’t take steps to manage your anxiety, you could eventually reach a point where all your thoughts...

EFT for couples
2 May 2023

The Most Effective Form of Couples Therapy: EFT

Ideally, your relationship with your partner should be stable, reliable and mutually beneficial. Still, you may have conflicts or disagreements that change your dynamic over time. If both partners are willing to be honest and put in the work, couples therapy can be valuable in building a partnership based...

severe anxiety
25 Apr 2023

Severe Anxiety Explained

Some amount of anxiety is normal when facing daily challenges. However, many people struggle with anxiety that is overwhelming enough to disrupt their lives and ability to function. Severe anxiety is not a formal diagnosis defined in the DSM-5-TR; rather, it’s a measure of your anxiety disorder’s significance in...