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what is the drug rate in Tennessee
30 Jan 2023

What Is the Drug Rate in TN?

America’s drug addiction, abuse and overdose problem is a public health crisis that has affected every state, devastating communities and leaving many families in distress. Despite widespread government efforts to educate citizens on the dangers of drug use, people misuse prescription and illegal drugs at alarming rates. The COVID-19...

tramadol addiction
17 Jan 2023

Tramadol Addiction

Tramadol, sold under the brand name Ultram, is an opioid pain medication intended for short-term use. In 2014, the FDA designated tramadol as a controlled substance, which means it may have accepted use in medical care, but also has a potential for abuse or addiction. What Is Tramadol? Though strict laws...

vitamin deficiency
10 Jan 2023

Vitamin Deficiency in Early Recovery

Maintaining a drug habit can be costly in more ways than one, including the loss of your health and well-being. Often, people who enter addiction treatment have vitamin deficiency stemming from inconsistent mealtimes and choosing foods that lack sufficient nutrients. The Link Between Addiction and Malnutrition Long-term drug and alcohol abuse...

what does an anxiety attack feel like
3 Jan 2023

What Does an Anxiety Attack Feel Like?

Anxiety is a mental health disorder accompanied by a host of disruptive symptoms. Irritability, insomnia, muscle tension, trouble concentrating and an ongoing feeling of being on high alert can interfere with your daily responsibilities. Depending on the type of anxiety disorder you have, you may also struggle with intrusive...

20 Dec 2022

Surviving Family Manipulation

Emotional manipulation can have far-reaching consequences within families. Family ties evoke many powerful feelings, which some people are willing to exploit for personal gain. Recognizing manipulative tactics can be particularly challenging if the person who uses them is a grandparent, parent or older sibling. If you grew up believing you...

drug overdose statistics
13 Dec 2022

Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States

According to a newly released report from the Centers for Disease Control, drug overdose deaths increased 30% in the United States from 2019 to 2020. Though this statistic is worrying, it might not shock you if you are already familiar with the issues caused by our nationwide drug epidemic...

holiday grief
7 Dec 2022

Navigating Grief During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to uphold cherished family traditions, which can be challenging if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. At every turn, you may find yourself encountering painful reminders of the person who’s missing from your life. Holiday grief can be challenging and unpredictable....

motivational interviewing
8 Nov 2022

Motivational Interviewing Techniques to Know

People are creatures of habit, even if the habits they’ve developed are actively harmful to their health. One reason it can be so hard to change is that the impetus to do so must ultimately come from within yourself – and if you’re happy with the way things are,...

family stress
1 Nov 2022

The Effects of Family Stress

Families face unique stressors such as financial challenges, children’s academic struggles and difficulty maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The emotional overload associated with family stress can lead to frequent arguments, chronic fatigue related to busy schedules and increased dependence on alcohol and drugs, among other problems. Family stress can...

depression and memory loss
20 Sep 2022

Does Depression Cause Memory Loss?

Depression is one of the world’s leading disabilities, and can affect your mental and physical well-being in various ways. When you are depressed, you may struggle with your judgment and decision-making skills. For some people, depression may also cause short-term memory loss. If you’re having trouble with these issues,...

alcoholic liver damage
6 Sep 2022

Liver Damage From Alcohol

Your liver is a highly complex and resilient organ capable of regenerating itself. However, every time your liver filters alcohol, some of its cells die. Alcohol-related liver damage can happen with prolonged alcohol abuse, reducing this organ’s capacity for self-repair. If you are a heavy drinker, you should know...

national recovery month 2022
1 Sep 2022

National Recovery Month 2022

Cumberland Heights has provided unparalleled, comprehensive addiction care since 1966. We are proud to carry on a 56-year tradition while embracing new technologies and industry advancements. In observation of National Recovery Month 2022, here’s a closer look at how we uniquely contribute to helping Tennesseans heal from substance use...