6 Dec 2020

Sunday Sermon: Letting Go

In this Sunday Sermon, Michelle Morris talks about "letting go" and asking ourselves what we want to leave behind in 2020.  She challenges us to ask ourselves what we can do without and then to put in the work to let it go. Also in the sermon, a lesson...

National Meth Awareness Day, Methamphetamine Addiction
30 Nov 2020

National Meth Awareness Day

National Meth Awareness Day Each year on November 30th, we observe National Meth Awareness Day. On this occasion, we seek to educate the public about methamphetamine and how it impacts families across America. Please join us in spreading awareness about this substance, signs of addiction and the risks of using...

22 Nov 2020

Sunday Sermon: Gratitude

In this Sunday Sermon, Michelle Morris talks about cultivating an intentional gratitude practice, not just simple saying "I'm grateful for my job."  When we practice gratitude in recovery we find connection and true happiness. Michelle also talks about how keeping a gratitude journal helped her in her personal struggles.    

Thanksgiving in COVID-19
20 Nov 2020

Is It Safe to Travel This Thanksgiving?

As the holidays approach, Americans have begun wondering what to do about family gatherings. Is it safe to travel this Thanksgiving? Should we fly or drive? Today on the blog, we encourage you to follow CDC guidelines and protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19. We’ve put...

veterans PTSD addiction
11 Nov 2020

How Veterans Experience Addiction | Veterans Day 2020

Each year on November 11th, we observe Veterans Day: a time to honor the sacrifices and contributions of servicemen and women nationwide. These individuals have given so much to ensure the health, safety and freedom of those back home. However, they are also at an increased risk of addiction...

adoption and addiction
6 Nov 2020

National Adoption Month | The Link Between Addiction and Adoption

When parents open their home to an adopted child, they do their best to create a welcoming environment perfect for growth and development. They probably do not expect for their child to eventually fall into a cycle of substance abuse. Unfortunately, research does show that adopted children have an...

Protecting Your Mental Health in a Second Wave
30 Oct 2020

Protecting Your Mental Health in a Second Wave

As winter approaches, scientists warn that a second wave of COVID-19 is on the way. When the weather is dry and cold, the virus may be more stable, resulting in higher rates of transmission. Experts have also expressed concern that a second wave of mental health issues may be...

art therapy
23 Oct 2020

How Art Therapy Helps You to Process Emotions

You don’t have to be artistic to benefit from art therapy! This approach is focused on personal expression; through drawing, painting, sculpting and other media, participants are able to access emotions and experiences that they may find difficult to discuss. At Cumberland Heights, many of our clients find healing...

depression screening
16 Oct 2020

When Should You Get a Depression Screening?

It’s finally fall in Tennessee! This is the time of year when the leaves begin changing, spooky decorations go up and a chill falls over the southeast. Autumn festivities may be exciting for some, but for others, they may be a warning sign for upcoming seasonal depression. As the...

Mental Illness Awareness Week
5 Oct 2020

Celebrating Mental Illness Awareness Week

The first full week of October is Mental Illness Awareness Week. At Cumberland Heights, we celebrate this observance each year by spreading helpful information and reducing stigma about the subject of mental health. It is our goal to promote mental wellness, inspire individuals to seek help and dispel misconceptions...

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