Sunday Services

Sunday Services

We offer services to those of all faiths and none, those who are angry, those who feel ashamed and those who feel numb.

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Our Sunday Services are open to alumni of Cumberland Heights and their families only. Alumni and alumni family are invited to attend Cumberland Heights Chapel Service on Sundays at 10:30am. No visitors of current patients are permitted at this time,

A reservation is required by noon on Friday before attending the Sunday Service. Alumni visitors are now invited to stay for lunch on campus. Lunch is $8 and tickets can be purchased in the bookstore.

sunday services

Spiritual Care: Sunday Services

The key concepts of spirituality at Cumberland Heights are that you are the explorer, the one who journeys, and you define what spirituality means to you. Spirituality is about Practice. It is about those things you choose to do every day which help you feel connected to yourself, those you love and something greater than you, whatever that turns out to be.

We offer services to those of all faiths and none, those who are angry, those who feel ashamed and those who feel numb.

Our hands are held out to you.

Our Spiritual Care team Stan and Michelle discuss “powers greater than me” and finding spiritual connection in recovery.

What does Spiritual Care and Practice look like at Cumberland Heights?

We work in groups where we talk about issues like anger, resentment and forgiveness, or grief and loss, or shame and guilt, or what the difference is between religion and spirituality. We also offer individual sessions where you work with one of our Spiritual Directors.

Our spiritual care directors use many techniques including mindfulness meditation which is a kind of ‘being in the moment’ meditation practice known to decrease relapse risk and a labyrinth experience, modeled after the one in Chartes Cathedral in France, which helps you to gradually let go of all your worries on the way in, stopping in the center to relax, and taking something a little new with you as you walk out.

Please enjoy recent recordings of our Sunday virtual services.

  • Sunday Sermon: Patience and Silence

    February 20, 2022

    In today’s Sunday Sermon, Cumberland Heights‘ Michelle Morris, M.Div., M.A., begins by sharing a reading asking attendees to consider the role of patience and silence in recovery. Today’s reading: Patience and Silence

  • Sunday Sermon: The Miracle of Recovery

    February 13, 2022

    In this Sunday’s sermon, Cumberland Heights Spiritual Director Rev. Stan Bumgarner, MDiv, LADAC II talks about the Miracle of Recovery.  

  • Sunday Sermon: Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness

    February 6, 2022

    To progress in our recovery, we must learn to love ourselves and forgive ourselves, just as the Lord forgives us. This Sunday, Michelle talks about the importance of self-love and self-forgiveness. Today’s Reading: In God’s Care Learn more about spirituality in recovery by contacting our admissions team today.

  • Sunday Sermon: Psychic Change in Recovery

    January 23, 2022

    In today’s Sunday Sermon, our Spiritual Director Rev. Stan Bumgarner, MDiv, LADAC II discusses the psychic change that we undergo in recovery. Today’s reading is from Thích Nhất Hạnh, the great Vietnamese Thiền Buddhist monk and peace activist. “Let us be at peace with our bodies and our minds. Let us return to ourselves and […]

  • Sunday Sermon: Overcoming Worry and Regret

    January 16, 2022

    Today’s Sunday Sermon is brief, but it’s a great way to engage with our spiritual community in recovery. We encourage you to find a daily meditation and prayer routine that is good for your soul – when in doubt, try to find a text that is recovery-based. We use such a book as the basis […]

  • Sunday Sermon: A Time of Transition

    January 10, 2022

    As we look to the year ahead, Rev. Stan Bumgarner, MDiv, LADAC II explains the significance of the Roman god Janus, January’s namesake: a two-faced being often depicted at entrances and exits, weddings, births, or funerals. Janus is a symbol of transition. Like all of us at the start of a new year, he looks […]

  • Sunday Sermon: The Power of Words

    January 2, 2022

    In our first Sunday Sermon of 2022, Michelle talks about the importance of words. Words have power, and in recovery, we must learn to use them responsibly and effectively. Consider the role of ohm in Ayurvedic religions, and of God’s speech in Genesis. Today’s reading: The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry  

  • Sunday Sermon: Learning to Receive

    December 26, 2021

    Thank you for joining us for this special Sunday Sermon, delivered by Cumberland Heights Spiritual Director Stan Bumgarner. In this time of giving, Stan shares an inspirational message about learning to “receive” – and how that skill helps you to enjoy the many gifts that recovery has to offer. Today’s reading: “The Work of Christmas” by […]

  • Sunday Sermon: Love and Your Higher Power

    December 19, 2021

    From an office full of orchids, Michelle shares a passage from Luke. Luke 1:46-55 is Mary’s song of praise after she has learned that she is pregnant with the Son of God. The love and jubilation that Mary feels is something truly inspirational. Fittingly, today marks the fourth Sunday in the practice of Advent. In […]

  • Sunday Sermon: Hope in the Wake of Disaster

    December 12, 2021

    Today’s Sunday Sermon takes place days after the tornadoes that devastated the southeastern United States. Our message explores the ways in which God shows up, even in the middle of a disaster. This service is guided by a reading from John Murray: “Go out into the highways and by-ways, give the people something of your […]

  • Sunday Sermon: Connection Makes Life Worth Living

    December 5, 2021

    This Sunday, Cumberland Heights was able to host a Sunday service with a larger group of attendees. This inspired a discussion about connection and isolation. The pandemic has divided the world at large into pockets of solitude, which can negatively impact mental health and sobriety. It’s critical that we commune with others, for our own […]

  • Sunday Sermon: Grieving The Loss of Substance Use

    November 28, 2021

    We have a grieving process that we go through when we decide to quit and move into recovery. We are making a difficult decision to break up with a relationship that we’ve been a part of for many years. But in this breakup, or “recovery” process, we move into a state of “discovery” where we […]

Find Your Higher Power at Cumberland Heights

We believe that faiths of all types can contribute to recovery.

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