Drug Types, Signs & Symptoms

Drug Types, Signs & Symptoms

Education is the key to prevention. Below you’ll find information about major drug types, including some signs and symptoms of addiction.

Drug Types, Signs and Symptoms

Although every person can experience a Substance Use Disorder differently, there are common signs and symptoms. According to researchers at the Recovery Research Institute, an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital, the following symptoms are related to the development of a substance use disorder.

1. Problems controlling use, using larger amounts, at higher frequency, or for longer than one intended.

2. Problems controlling alcohol/drug use despite:

  • The desire to cut down or quit.
  • The knowledge that alcohol/drug use is causing problems.

3. The development of:

  • Craving
  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal

4. Continued use that leads to risky or physically hazardous situations (e.g. driving under the influence).

5. Spending large amounts of time obtaining alcohol/drugs.

6. Reducing or eliminating participation in important social, occupational, or recreational activities.

Substance Use Disorders are organized by substance type. The below types of substances represent those commonly observed as problematic. In fact, over 60% of our patients describe regular use of more than one substance. Given that observation, we find it important to provide some general information outlining how each substance type can affect an individual.

Are You or a Loved One Addicted?

If you or someone you love has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to reach out for help today. You can reach our compassionate team members at 800-646-9998.