1 Oct 2020

Who Rescued who? A Story of Redemption “Who rescued who?” It’s a phrase you hear a lot in the animal adoption world, and those three words couldn’t hold a deeper meaning for the patients in our Women’s Program. Director Melissa Hudgens, her team, and her patients have been fostering two puppies for the last several weeks. She...

suicide awareness
18 Sep 2020

Suicide Prevention: Risk Factors and Resources

Each September, Cumberland Heights highlights a crucial observance: National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health, released a statement explaining that this is the time to “share resources and stories in an effort to shed light on this highly taboo and stigmatized topic. We use...

co-occurring disorders and trauma
11 Sep 2020

Healing in Recovery: Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders and Trauma

Addiction doesn’t occur in a vacuum. This complicated condition often comes with other diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. At Cumberland Heights, we offer comprehensive, simultaneous treatment for addiction, co-occurring disorders and trauma.   Co-Occurring Disorders Explained When a person has a substance use disorder and a mental illness at the...

National Recovery Month
4 Sep 2020

Observing National Recovery Month During COVID-19

Each September, we celebrate National Recovery Month. However, like most major events of 2020, this year’s observation has changed. Today on the blog, we’ll explain the history and purpose of National Recovery Month; we’ll also let you know how you can celebrate this landmark occasion from the comfort of...

Tennessee Employers Encouraged to Hire People in Recovery
28 Aug 2020

Tennessee Employers Encouraged to Hire People in Recovery

A Message for Tennessee Employers During a two-hour session about providing resources and education to employers across Middle Tennessee, it was determined that these groups need to learn how to respond to the state’s opioid crisis. Officials stated that drug addiction affects the workplace through lost productivity, lost wages, job...

research into cocaine addiction treatmentresearch into cocaine addiction treatment with clavulanic acid
21 Aug 2020

Potential Cocaine Addiction Treatment Receives NIDA Grant

Temple Receives Over $1 Million in Grant Money Thanks to a $1.7 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (LKSOM) have a chance to revolutionize cocaine addiction treatment. Their program seeks to explore the use of...

14 Aug 2020

Remembering Jim Moore

The longest serving CEO in Cumberland Heights’ history is being remembered as a man with a mission – a mission that helped preserve the future of addiction treatment in Middle Tennessee. Jim Moore passed away Tuesday, August 11. He was 68 years old. Jim served as Executive Director/CEO of Cumberland Heights...

learning and memory
14 Aug 2020

Can Addiction Affect Learning and Memory?

Learning and Memory Issues In an article from The American Journal of Psychiatry, researchers explain that addiction represents a pathological takeover of the neural mechanisms responsible for learning and memory. Under normal circumstances, these behaviors contribute to our ability to survive; we remember what is dangerous, learn from our mistakes,...

29 Jul 2020

What You Need to Know About Sedatives

When most people hear the word “addiction,” they think of cocaine, meth, heroin and other illicit substances. It’s rare for prescription medications to come to mind, especially sedatives. These drugs are central nervous system depressants, often prescribed to manage anxiety or insomnia in patients. However, with misuse or prolonged...

24 Jul 2020

Why You Should Avoid Drinking Too Much Caffeine in Recovery

Caffeine and Cigarettes: A Recovery Stereotype It’s not uncommon for coffee and cigarettes to come to mind when you think about the early stages of recovery – and it may not be incorrect. One Nashville study found that there’s some truth to the old association between AA recovery meetings and...

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