delirium tremens symptoms
16 Aug 2022

Delirium Tremens Symptoms

If you’ve relied on alcohol for several years, you have probably already noticed it impacting your health in various ways. Paradoxically, trying to quit drinking can also adversely affect your well-being because the sudden absence of alcohol causes withdrawal, possibly including a condition known as delirium tremens. What Is Delirium...

neuroplasticity and addiction recovery
11 Aug 2022

Neuroplasticity and Recovery: How Your Brain Heals

The human body has an amazing ability to repair itself—even when highly complex organs are injured. Historically, scientists thought that our brains stopped developing after adolescence. They believed that, like height, this part of the body remained static unless it was damaged through injury or illness. Advances in neuroscience...

TN good samaritan law
9 Aug 2022

Tennessee’s Good Samaritan Law

Like other U.S. states, Tennessee has passed a Good Samaritan law that protects people from potential legal repercussions of helping others in need. The law, inspired by a Bible story, applies to anyone giving aid in good faith without hopes of financial gain. How Does the Good Samaritan Law Protect...

accidental drug overdose statistics
2 Aug 2022

Accidental Drug Overdose Statistics

America’s drug abuse epidemic continues to worsen, affecting every state. Drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl are highly addictive and can be fatal when people use more than their bodies can handle. In observation of International Overdose Awareness Day on Aug. 31, what issues should you be aware of? Drug...

what is mania
26 Jul 2022

What Is Mania?

Mania is a condition characterized by hyperactivity, abnormally high excitement and unrealistic thoughts. While mania can feel good and even euphoric, it is a key characteristic of potentially severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and postpartum psychosis. Some illegal and prescription drugs can also induce manic episodes. What Is...

dial 988
19 Jul 2022

Dial 988 for the New Mental Health Crisis Hotline

As of July 16, anyone in the U.S. who is experiencing a mental health crisis can dial 988 to automatically connect to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This new, easy-to-remember number puts you in touch with free and confidential support 24/7. It’s for anyone who has suicidal thoughts, a...

anxiety for no reason
12 Jul 2022

Anxious for No Reason?

Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health disorder in the United States, and though it responds well to proven treatment strategies like talk therapy, many people with this condition never seek help and suffer in silence for years. Feeling worried and fearful all the time can take a severe toll...

lying and addiction
5 Jul 2022

Why Do People Lie in Active Addiction?

If you have a loved one with a drug or drinking problem, you will gradually notice various changes in their behavior and personality as their illness progresses. For example, you might find they are hiding things from you, including information about where they’re going and how much money they’re...

emotional support animals
28 Jun 2022

Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

For millennia, humans have lived and worked alongside animals like dogs and horses. A relationship with an animal can be much less demanding than getting along well with the people in your life. Non-human animals provide unconditional love without asking for much in exchange. If you’re struggling with your...

severe ptsd symptoms
21 Jun 2022

Severe PTSD Symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental illness you might develop after you witness or experience something dangerous, frightening or upsetting. PTSD symptoms can start immediately or after a delay of weeks or months. Trauma causes your innate fight-or-flight response to go into overdrive. As a result, you will feel nervous...

alcohol and alzheimer's
7 Jun 2022

Alcohol and Alzheimer’s

Many Americans use alcohol to relax, loosen up or relieve social anxiety while overlooking how dangerous it can be. Routine drinking carries a risk of addiction and can also cause organ damage, including to your brain. As we observe Alzheimer's Awareness Month, here’s what you need to know about...

language in recovery
2 Jun 2022

Why Is Person-First Language Important?

When talking about someone who has an addiction or mental illness, you’ve probably heard statements like “He’s an addict” or “She is so bipolar”. People making these statements often mean no harm. However, how we phrase things can have unintended consequences. At Cumberland Heights, we use person-first language to...