lying and addiction
5 Jul 2022

Why Do People Lie in Active Addiction?

If you have a loved one with a drug or drinking problem, you will gradually notice various changes in their behavior and personality as their illness progresses. For example, you might find they are hiding things from you, including information about where they’re going and how much money they’re...

emotional support animals
28 Jun 2022

Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

For millennia, humans have lived and worked alongside animals like dogs and horses. A relationship with an animal can be much less demanding than getting along well with the people in your life. Non-human animals provide unconditional love without asking for much in exchange. If you’re struggling with your...

severe ptsd symptoms
21 Jun 2022

Severe PTSD Symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental illness you might develop after you witness or experience something dangerous, frightening or upsetting. PTSD symptoms can start immediately or after a delay of weeks or months. Trauma causes your innate fight-or-flight response to go into overdrive. As a result, you will feel nervous...

alcohol and alzheimer's
7 Jun 2022

Alcohol and Alzheimer’s

Many Americans use alcohol to relax, loosen up or relieve social anxiety while overlooking how dangerous it can be. Routine drinking carries a risk of addiction and can also cause organ damage, including to your brain. As we observe Alzheimer's Awareness Month, here’s what you need to know about...

language in recovery
2 Jun 2022

Why Is Person-First Language Important?

When talking about someone who has an addiction or mental illness, you’ve probably heard statements like “He’s an addict” or “She is so bipolar”. People making these statements often mean no harm. However, how we phrase things can have unintended consequences. At Cumberland Heights, we use person-first language to...

summer depression
24 May 2022

Summer Seasonal Depression

Summer is a time of year typically associated with positive things like vacations, cookouts and warm weather. However, some people’s mental health begins to suffer in the summer – a condition known as seasonal affective disorder, or major depressive disorder with seasonal pattern. If you dread summer’s arrival, SAD...

how long does alcohol withdrawal take
17 May 2022

How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

Since alcohol is legal, mainstream and easy to find, people tend to forget how dangerous it is. Alcohol is an addictive drug that is the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Even heavy drinkers who do not die of alcohol-related causes can still experience health problems...

how to recover from burnout
10 May 2022

How to Recover From Burnout

Every day, you feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Your motivation and productivity are at all-time lows, and you’re moving through life on autopilot. This loss of energy and enthusiasm doesn’t mean you’re lazy – it means you’re living with burnout. What Is Burnout? There is a limit to how much...

co-occurring disorder treatment
5 May 2022

How We Treat Co-Occurring Disorders

People who are battling a substance use disorder alongside an existing mental health issue face unique challenges in the recovery process. At Cumberland Heights, we understand how difficult it is to manage co-occurring disorders. Because of the complexities associated with a dual diagnosis, it takes specialized care to adequately...

alcohol deaths worldwide
26 Apr 2022

Alcohol Facts: Alcohol Deaths Per Year Worldwide

April is Alcohol Awareness Month – a time to raise our knowledge of the dangers of alcohol consumption and misuse. Because alcohol is so socially acceptable, we tend to forget it’s a drug that can have potentially severe consequences, including an array of physical and mental health problems. Alcohol...

where does heroin come from
19 Apr 2022

Where Does Heroin Come From?

Heroin is a powerfully addictive drug derived from the seed pod of the opium poppy, which primarily grows on small, remote farms. Because this flower thrives in warm, arid climates, heroin has become a cash crop for subsistence farmers in countries such as Turkey, Laos and Pakistan. It is...

physical stress
7 Apr 2022

Physical Effects of Stress

When we experience changes in life, whether planned or unexpected, the result is often an increase in stress. Our bodies naturally respond to these different circumstances by giving off physical symptoms indicative of deeper emotions. These symptoms can have both long and short-term effects, so it’s important to learn...

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