Finding Freedom: A Journey of Hope and Recovery

Episode 24:

Join Dr. Nick Hayes on “Conversations with Cumberland Heights,” where Steve Lee shares his personal journey from addiction to recovery. With over a decade in addiction treatment, Steve emphasizes the crucial role of personal connections in healing. Gain insights into addiction treatment and witness the resilience that defines recovery. This conversation explores hope, growth, and the commitment to helping others reclaim their lives.

Steve Lee has been pivotal in addiction treatment since 2013, advocating passionately for community relationships supporting recovery. His journey exemplifies resilience and community support, offering firsthand insight into challenges and triumphs.

As Senior Director of Strategic Relationships at Cumberland Heights, Steve Lee’s role involves building connections crucial for recovery. This episode discusses holistic approaches and personalized care, emphasizing the transformative power of hope in healing.

Reflecting on his journey, Steve Lee highlights pivotal moments and supportive relationships shaping his recovery. His story inspires those facing similar challenges, demonstrating transformation is possible with determination and support.

This episode of “Conversations with Cumberland Heights” is a testament to the resilience and commitment needed for recovery. Steve Lee’s journey underscores the transformative nature of healing, driven by courage, compassion, and community support.

​About Our Guest:

Steve Lee has been a pivotal figure in addiction treatment since 2013, currently serving as Senior Director of Strategic Relationships at Cumberland Heights. He advocates passionately for building strong relationships within the community to support individuals on their path to recovery.