Conversations with Cumberland Heights

Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights sits down with key figures in recovery to discuss life, sobriety, and much more!

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25 Sep 2023

Ethics, Evolution, Power of Data in Addiction Treatment

Episode 11: Join Dr. Nick Hayes in a thought-provoking conversation with Nikki Soda, Membership Officer for the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), on the latest episode of Cumberland Heights Podcast. Dive deep into the realms of behavioral health, conferences, ethics in addiction treatment, and the dynamic evolution of...

28 Aug 2023

How to Face Fears & Rise Above Adversity in Your Recovery with Patrick Custer

Episode 9: Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights Podcast welcomes Patrick Custer, host of the @rootedrecoverystories podcast and Communications Liaison at @promisesbehavioralhealth. In this deeply personal episode, Patrick shares his remarkable journey—from podcasting and addiction recovery to facing his worst fear and embracing the precious moments of life. Explore the...

31 Jul 2023

Wisdom From 40 Years Of Recovery and Redemption: A Journey With Paul Citro

Episode 7: Join Dr. Nick Hayes on Cumberland Heights Podcast for a special episode as he welcomes Paul Citro, a living legend with over 40 years of dedication to Cumberland Heights. Paul shares captivating stories from his journey, reflecting on the transformative experiences that have shaped the renowned non-profit treatment...

17 Jul 2023

Serving Others in Your Own Recovery with Jason Schneidman

Episode 6: Join Dr. Nick Hayes on the Cumberland Heights Podcast as he welcomes the incredible Jason Schneidman, widely known as @themensgroomer. In this captivating episode, Jason shares his personal story of addiction and recovery, shedding light on his impactful work in helping others find care, addressing homelessness, practicing self-care,...

19 Jun 2023

Building a Business & Navigating Relationships in Recovery: A Conversation with Nico Doorn

Episode 4: Join Dr. Nick Hayes on Cumberland Heights Podcast as he welcomes his close friend and Executive Director/Co-Founder at Alpha Behavioral Health, Nico Doorn. In this episode, they share life experiences, delve into the journey of starting Alpha Behavioral Health, explore the collegiate recovery experience, and discuss motivation, awareness,...

12 May 2023

How the Still Waters 12-Step Immersion Program Saves Lives

Episode 2: On this episode of Conversations with Cumberland Heights, Dr. Nick Hayes engages in a profound conversation about the Still Waters 12-Step Immersion program. Joined by Founding Executive Director, Heath Chitwood, and Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Salyer, this discussion delves into the roots, growth, and spiritual emphasis of Still Waters—a...

19 Apr 2023

Clinicians Discuss Power of Community to Prevent Relapse with Debra Jay

Episode 1: For our debut episode, Dr. Nick Hayes, Chief Science Officer at Cumberland Heights, welcomes author, speaker, and addiction specialist Debra Jay to our new River Road podcast studio. She tells us more about the Structured Family Therapy program she developed, debunks myths we often believe about recovery, and...