How to Face Fears & Rise Above Adversity in Your Recovery with Patrick Custer

Episode 9:

Dr. Nick Hayes of Cumberland Heights Podcast welcomes Patrick Custer, host of the @rootedrecoverystories podcast and Communications Liaison at @promisesbehavioralhealth. In this deeply personal episode, Patrick shares his remarkable journey—from podcasting and addiction recovery to facing his worst fear and embracing the precious moments of life. Explore the roots of Patrick’s podcasting journey and the evolution of his audience. Dive deep into his early life, addiction struggles, and the transformative experience of recovery. Learn about Patrick’s resilience as he navigates family interventions, the challenges of starting a career in early recovery, and surviving a life-altering brain tumor.

A Little Bit About Patrick Custer:

Patrick Custer hosts the acclaimed podcast, Rooted Recovery Stories. Known for his contributions to the fields of advocacy, mental health, and addiction recovery, he’s also made a significant impact as a national speaker and LGBTQ+ equality advocate. In addition to his public speaking and advocacy work, Patrick serves as the Communications Liaison and National Director of Alumni at Promises Behavioral Health, where he plays a vital role in supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. His dedication to destigmatizing mental health and addiction has earned him recognition and respect in these fields.