Wisdom from a Recovery Sage

Episode 15:

Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with Cumberland Heights legend and recovery industry hero, Walt Quinn. Walt is a man of much history, sharing stories from his many years of influence in the field. You’ll hear about his time working the Ice Capades to launching the first ever Concert for Cumberland Heights. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry, and he’ll leave you feeling inspired to get up and seek purpose in life. We know this episode will leave you with wisdom and encouragement. 

​About Our Guest:

Walt Quinn, former VP of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Tennessee, played a pivotal role in shaping the center’s trajectory from 1996 to 2019. A dedicated member of the CH leadership team, he spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding campaign at both local and national levels. Quinn represented Cumberland Heights on a national scale within the industry, demonstrating his commitment to its broader impact.


His initiatives extended to the creation of the Cumberland Heights concert series, “Cumberland Heights at the Ryman,” which successfully generated nearly $4 million for patient assistance. Additionally, he contributed to the center’s national focus by organizing music events at industry conferences. Notably, Quinn played a key role in launching the Cumberland Heights program for music industry professionals and collaborated with MAP and the Grammy Foundation’s MusiCares program, offering essential patient assistance for the music industry. Preceding his tenure at Cumberland Heights, Quinn amassed valuable experience in the entertainment and music sectors, working with entities such as Butch Whacks (Elka/Columbia), Marty Pasetta Productions, Ice Capades, Word Records, Thomas Nelson Publishers, and Avant Garde Management.