Wisdom From 40 Years Of Recovery and Redemption: A Journey With Paul Citro

Episode 7:

Join Dr. Nick Hayes on Cumberland Heights Podcast for a special episode as he welcomes Paul Citro, a living legend with over 40 years of dedication to Cumberland Heights. Paul shares captivating stories from his journey, reflecting on the transformative experiences that have shaped the renowned non-profit treatment center in Nashville. Embark on a nostalgic journey with Paul, from the unexpected encounters with a skunk in the chapel to his evolution from patient to a dedicated employee. Gain insights into the changes witnessed over four decades, the importance of adapting roles, and the enduring legacy of Cumberland Heights. Explore the nuances of patient experiences, the key elements of a successful recovery program, and Paul’s deep connection with the recovery community. Join the conversation as they delve into the heartwarming traditions of last day activities and honors, concluding with a glimpse into the future of Cumberland Heights.