Critical Elements of Effective Youth Treatment Programs

Episode 23:

In this episode, Dr. Nick Hayes and Laura Ezell discuss the critical elements of effective youth treatment programs. They emphasize the importance of being fully staffed and adhering to state regulations to ensure high-quality care. The conversation highlights the need for robust feedback loops within organizations to create a safe and responsive environment for both staff and clients. They also stress the significance of accreditation, state licensure, and insurance network participation as markers of a reputable program. Additionally, they explore the balance between providing agency to youth in their treatment plans and ensuring that their needs are appropriately met. This episode is informative, educational, and helpful for those seeking treatment for adolescent aged patients. Listen wherever you find podcasts!

​About Our Guest:

Laura Ezell is the ARCH Admissions and Outreach Specialist, currently working on getting her LADAC. She has been in the field of addiction treatment since 2006 when she started volunteering at a sober living facility. The most rewarding part of Laura’s job is being able to guide a person in crisis to a path of hope and healing. She specifically enjoys working with adolescents because of the opportunity to create change early on and potentially change the trajectory of their lives.