Pathways to Healing: The Admissions Journey with Robin & Todd

Episode 20:

Robin and Todd are longtime Cumberland Heights employees with their own recovery journeys. In this episode, they share their insights on the process of getting a patient into addiction treatment. Together, they explore the various pathways individuals take on their journey towards healing from addiction. Through their candid conversation, listeners gain valuable perspectives on the challenges and successes encountered during the recovery process. Robin and Todd’s personal experiences offer inspiration and guidance to anyone navigating similar paths, providing hope and practical advice for those seeking recovery. Todd’s story is unique, as he entered treatment with cameras following him for the show “Intervention.” Find out how he’s doing now in this episode, streaming everywhere!

​About Our Guests:

Todd Mulligan is a beacon of hope in the field of addiction recovery. Emerging from his own struggle with addiction, Todd found solace and transformation at Cumberland Heights addiction treatment center. His courageous journey, including a pivotal appearance on the television show “Intervention,” propelled him towards a path of advocacy and support for others battling similar demons. Currently serving as a concierge account manager at Cumberland Heights, Todd bridges the gap between individuals seeking help and the resources available for recovery. His personal experience, coupled with his unwavering dedication, makes Todd a guiding light for those navigating the often challenging road to recovery.

As an alumna of Cumberland Heights, Robin Figlio was inspired to help others find life-saving treatment for addiction and joined our team in 2015. As admissions coordinator, Robin enjoys helping people take their first step to recovery, being an advocate for our patients, and watching them continue their recovery journeys. Robin also has several family members that have received care at Cumberland Heights. She says that the people that work here create a great, supportive community to begin the journey of sobriety.