Understanding Adolescent Addiction & SUD Treatment

Episode 21:

In this podcast episode, Dr. Nick Hayes and guest Kenny Davis discuss the common issues faced by adolescents at Arch Academy, particularly focusing on addiction and mental health diagnoses like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. They explore how removing substances reveals underlying behaviors and emotions, emphasizing the importance of teaching new coping and communication skills. Kenny Davis shares insights into the therapeutic process, including the development of reentry to help families set boundaries and expectations for adolescents returning home. They also highlight the value of family involvement and support throughout the treatment journey. This is a powerful episode that will leave you inspired!

​About Our Guest:

Kenneth Davis is a Primary Counselor and Adventure Program Coordinator at ARCH Academy, leading our fly-fishing program to connect patients with the natural world and 12-step concepts. Kenneth began working in addiction treatment in 2016, helping those struggling gain better perspective on family, spirituality, and growth. Kenneth says the most inspiring part of his job is watching positive change happen right before his eyes.