12-Step Facilitation

12-Step Facilitation

For decades, 12-Step programs have provided the structure, fellowship and accountability needed to recover. At Cumberland Heights, our counselors specialize in 12-Step facilitation: an evidence-based practice that prioritizes active meeting participation.

12-Step Facilitation Therapy

12-Step facilitation is also abbreviated as TSF. As the name implies, this therapeutic modality facilitates each client’s attendance and involvement in AA or NA meetings. Together, the counselor and the client track milestones made in the program through continuous journaling. Sessions also provide opportunities to discuss major themes of 12-Step recovery, such as one’s Higher Power. These conversations empower the client to understand expectations, get the most out of their meetings and embrace the core tenets of AA, NA and other major 12-Step organizations.

What are the 12 Steps?

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are the bedrock of 12-Step recovery as a whole. They can be read in their entirety within the group’s eponymous text, Alcoholics Anonymous.

To put it simply, the Steps represent a person’s journey through sobriety.

Adherents admit their problem has gotten out of control, turn to a Higher Power and decide to pursue recovery. From there, people participating in 12-Step facilitation begin making amends, taking personal inventories and experiencing spiritual awakenings. The 12 Steps conclude with a call to carry this message to others who are dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Benefits of Our Program

The Steps may be spiritual, but they’re backed by science. According to John F. Kelly, Ph.D., ABPP and Gene Beresin, M.D., psychiatry professors at Harvard Medical School, “12-step programs have among the strongest scientific underpinnings of any addiction treatment.” These methods are among the best-studied and most effective available treatments for substance use disorder. Recent randomized controlled trials have indicated that 12-Step treatment can improve outcomes by as much as 20% and produces higher rates of continuous abstinence than other methods.

At Cumberland Heights, we carefully track client outcomes across multiple dimensions. Our programming consistently results in abstinence, reduced depression symptoms and lower anxiety levels. We’re proud to include 12-Step facilitation as one of the evidence-based practices available at our center.

12-Step Recovery in Tennessee

If you are interested in a 12-Step recovery program, or if you have a loved one in need of help, contact our admissions team. Our compassionate, knowledgeable staff members will work with you to verify your insurance and determine which therapies should be included in your treatment plan. We look forward to speaking with you.