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Cumberland Heights Annual Fund

Our father, Duke Kennedy, was in his mid-fifties when he found the serenity and peace that comes from a life of recovery that begins at Cumberland Heights. The transformation he experienced impacted his life so greatly that its ripple effect continues to change lives today.

Thankfully, Dad was not content to keep this transformational knowledge and freedom to himself. He knew the impact a gift could make in saving lives every day on Cumberland Heights’ many campuses. Dad became an ambassador of the mission to transform lives, giving hope and healing to those affected by substance use disorder. He was enthusiastic about helping people find recovery and encouraged others to give in support of those needing treatment.

We lost our father in 2014, but his passion for Cumberland Heights’ mission lives on in the lives he touched. The beauty of helping one person find recovery is that it produces more recovery. To keep it, those in recovery must continually give it away to others. Dad understood the difference giving truly makes.

More people than ever before are in need of financial assistance for treatment. Your gift today will bring transformation to those desperately seeking freedom from the disease of addiction.

Thank you for keeping our father’s legacy alive. By giving the gift of recovery, we hope you experience the same joy he did in helping others rewrite their life stories at Cumberland Heights.

Your generosity for the 2022 Annual Fund will transform individuals, families, and their communities for years to come!


Rob Kennedy

Rob Kennedy
Son of Duke Kennedy

Susan Cowden

Susan Cowden
Daughter of Duke Kennedy