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Cumberland Heights Annual Fund

In 1966, after having to travel across the country to find treatment for his alcoholism, Robert M. Crichton Sr. returned home with a vision to begin a recovery center in Tennessee. He contacted his friend and physician,

Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., to suggest starting a non-profit foundation to serve those seeking recovery in the southeast. Together, with a community of supporters just like you, they raised the funds to purchase 177 acres and a farmhouse on River Road in Nashville, Tennessee and the work of Cumberland Heights began.

As the grandchildren of these two very special visionaries, we invite you to join us in celebrating fifty-five years of hope and healing for women, men and teens at Cumberland Heights. Though our grandfather’s founded Cumberland Heights, it is your generosity and continued support that has expanded the mission to help tens of thousands of patients and their families find recovery.

As Cumberland Heights presses on through another year of new challenges, your contribution to the 2021 Annual Fund is needed now more than ever.

We thank you on behalf of all those who will be afforded the opportunity to rewrite their life stories and to change the trajectory of their families for generations because of your gift.


Mary Lauren Allen
Granddaughter of Dr. Frist

Corinne Kidd
Granddaughter of Dr. Frist

Andy Crichton
Grandson of Mr. Robert Crichton, Sr.

Charley Crichton
Grandson of Mr. Robert Crichton, Sr.

Why is it so meaningful to give to Cumberland Heights?

Your gift to Cumberland Heights through our annual and capital initiates gives immediate support to patients and their families. To make a longer term impact a gift to the endowment fund will provide patient assistance funding for years to come.