Cumberland Heights Blog: The 24 Hour Surrender Coin

24 Hour “surrender coin”, a symbolic commitment to change from old behaviors and the beginning of a new journey to end the suffering and downward spiral of destruction and death by alcohol and addiction. The leaves on the “tree of life” in the background are covered with the names of men who have accepted the need for surrender and have begun their 12 steps up to freedom.

We see an increased number of admissions to Cumberland Heights after the holidays each year and this is, of course, due to the increased drug and alcohol consumption that is part and parcel of many holiday celebrations. Don’t let your cunning disease use the holidays as an excuse to let up on your spiritual program of action. Maintain your daily disciplines, follow the suggestions of 12-step recovery and consider sharing the message of abstinence, recovery, and the renewal of a joyous life with loved ones. This is the greatest gift possible from one addict to another during this holiday season.

Have a blessed, happy and safe holiday season!