Anger and Alcoholism: A Dangerous Mix That Happens Quite Often

Learn the danger of mixing anger and alcoholism

Previous research has shown that some of us have greater tendencies towards anger. Whether this has stemmed from genetics and upbringing, mental illness or simply the people we’ve spent time with over the years, anger can begin to flourish into our lives – and out of control – if we’re not careful. Anger in and of itself isn’t a bad emotion – but it’s how we utilize the anger that says a lot about the healthiness (or unhealthiness) of our relationship to it.

When alcohol is added to the mix, it often perpetuates those feelings of anger because they were already there underneath the surface – and in many cases, a person can display more aggression than they would sober, because their sense of judgment is now clouded by the alcohol. Dr. Robert O. Pihl, professor of psychology and psychiatry at McGill University, told Very Well Mind, a website that publishes information related to all things psychology, this year:

“Alcohol is involved in half of all murders, rapes and assaults. But the dynamics of this association are complicated, which is why any research that focuses on explaining this relationship is important for society in general.”

Those who find that they’re more irritable when drinking should carefully watch their drinking and behavioral patterns – if close attention isn’t paid, that person (and those around them) could be in harm’s way. Signs of alcoholism could also warrant a need for formal treatment, and the sooner that treatment is sought, the greater the chances that a person can learn healthy coping mechanisms – along with healthier ways to express anger – before it reaches this point.

If you’re ready to seek help for addiction, speak with a professional from Cumberland Heights today. It’s never too late to seek treatment – and in doing so, you’ll open your horizons for a healthier, happier life.

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