Celebrities Who’ve Spoken Out About Sobriety

Learn the celebrities who have spoken about sobriety

Celebrities are known for their charisma and talent, but they’re also often talked about outside of the spotlight. Many interviews have been conducted with celebrities surrounding their use (and abuse) of substances – and while we see so many celebrities struggle, there are just as many who’ve made the decision to stay sober. Thankfully, mental health and substance abuse have become less taboo over the years – and celebrities are starting to open up about their experiences.

According to Insider, these are some celebrities who’ve been practicing a sober lifestyle for quite some time – and they’ve spoken up about it, too.

  1. Eminem

With 11 years of sobriety, Eminem has come a long way since almost dying from an accidental methadone overdose back in 2007. Last year was his 10-year mark, and he continues to push towards his recovery.

  1. Joe Manganiello

One of the most powerful people in media, Joe struggled with addiction at a young age – and he had to learn that just because he didn’t fit the typical “stereotype” of what a person with addiction looked like, didn’t mean he didn’t need help.

  1. Toby Maguire

He may have been a superhero on screen, but Toby found himself recovering from alcoholism many years ago; he once explained in an interview with Playboy magazine about his experience with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). He stated:

“It’s just all practical. There are no holes in the program. It’s so, so simple. I come in, I ask for help. It has totally changed my life”.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the trials and tribulations that successful stars have gone through; we see them on the screen and attribute so much happiness and ease to their lives that we can’t quite comprehend how addiction can enter the picture. Celebrities experience real-life issues, too – and thankfully, more and more are seeking help.

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