Cumberland Heights Blog: Art Therapy, Organized Randomalities

abnormalities blog postThis piece of artwork came from the heart, mind, and soul of a few young men. Through many trials and tribulations they were able to come together and give meaning to a few simple everyday objects. They came to the understanding that this project was about sending off a message. Beauty and love are driven from within. Outward appearance is petty and shallow. On its own everything must come together in random unorganized fashion to create a master piece. Jared G.

This piece is about how we may be scattered, cracked, or even broken on the outside but on the inside everyone has something beautiful and perfect about them in their own way. You can never tell who someone truly is until you take the time to get to know them. Don’t let a messy outside prevent you from seeing a truly beautiful and special inside. Never judge a book by its cover. Jacob J.

This artwork is about people and their true beauty. On the under layer is a close to perfect color coordinated pattern. This appealing to the eyes pattern layer is covered by a messy, broken layer. This represents how you should focus on what’s inside and that underneath the broken, ruined surface is where true beauty comes from.  Luke A.